video Paper Ninja Star
Hello, this video will show you how to make a really easy paper ninja star or throwing star.

You need :
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • Scissors

1 - Fold paper and make a square
2 - Cut square in half
3 - Fold each half again legnthways
4 - Fold top and bottom corners
5 - Fold Triangles over
6 - Lay one piece on top of the other
7 - Fold corners in
8 - Tuck the folded parts in

I hope you like the video, sorry its so fast, 30 seconds is very short !
Shadow13!4 years ago
I usually make them small enough to make 2 out of one piece of printer paper. I then usual either line two up and staple them together or stack 3 with the two on the outside aligned and the one in the center with its points centered between the points of the other two and then staple it. The combination of size and double or triple thickness increases it's flight power, speed, accuracy, and distance.
i liv being a ninja who dosent?
I agree. :)
crazykiddo4 years ago
how exactly r u able to throw them ive made them for the past cupi year but nev figured out how to throw them straight wid out it moving up down or to the sides help
Throw them horizontally like you would throw a playing card.
I already knew how to do this, and I was going to make an 'ible as well... But you beat me to the punch. Very nice video. :D

Also, my knowledge of these and my boredom in school led to this.
...This is about half of what I have now. :]
Cyber King4 years ago
You suck
merijnvw6 years ago
Can you throw this good and does it hurt if you hit somebody?
=SMART= (author)  merijnvw6 years ago
yea we make them at school sometimes, they are pretty strong and do hurt, but not like GGGGAAAAHHHH hurt just like a hard flick :)
ah a classic paper ninja star
=SMART= (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
Yep :P
Dear Smart, I've just made one of these for the first time ever; excellent fun, thank you for posting it.
=SMART= (author)  FriendOfHumanity6 years ago
Haha Cool !
Toxicity6 years ago
Haha Everyone already knows how to do this! bravo, though. Read my instructable, please comment.
I didn't know how to do this. Not everyone.
sorry, I am a kid, And all my friends know how to do this
=SMART= (author)  Toxicity6 years ago
Yea quite a few people know how, just thought i'd make a video :)