Introduction: Paper Noise Maker

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This simple folded piece of paper makes a very loud sound when use correctly and is great for all sorts of things.
Have Fun.

Step 1: The First Fold

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Fold the right side of the paper over the rest so it overlaps by about 1.5 inches.

Step 2: The Second Fold

Picture of The Second Fold

Fold the paper over again so it overlaps all but a small portion of the paper

Step 3: The Third Fold

Picture of The Third Fold

Fold the paper in half so that the area that has not been folded can be clearly seen

Step 4: Using the Popper

Picture of Using the Popper

Move the fold that sticks out into the rest of the popper and hold it like the picture demonstrates
Then move it in a quick downward motion
This will result in a loud noise


Osoop123 (author)2016-10-27

I think I did it

TylertheO (author)2016-02-16

love it

TylertheO (author)2016-02-16

Obama approvals

TylertheO (author)2016-02-16

this is dope

madden mobile (author)2015-11-18

lol yup

EncasedDeath (author)2009-09-19

out of every instructable about this yours is the only one i could understand and get to work, so thanks

Physic (author)2009-08-25


woody558 (author)2008-12-06

this does NOT work

rocketsforfun (author)woody5582008-12-06

how so?

Thelonelysandwitch (author)2008-10-13

Use poster board or construction paper , It sounds like a gun shot.

i made on once on acident using a post-it i blew it in the 5th grade. i got busted and every one was looking at me. opps. ive never been able to make another on scine. p.s. i rolled mine up it sounded like this: pwwwwwww pwwwwww pwwwwww

nice, i scared the crap out of my math teacher and to this day (2 yrs) he still didn't know who did it.

PKTraceur (author)2008-10-11

???........ This doesnt work...

Syren06 (author)2008-06-04

Yeah, nice to do at home and school !!!

Keith-Kid (author)2007-12-18

We used to make these a lot in 3rd grade. Here in PR we called em snot-blowers I had forgotten how to make this. Good

rocketsforfun (author)2007-12-17

yeah its a fun little thing to do

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-17

me and friends do this at school all the time. makes the teachers mad. haha

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