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Nunchakus to practice with. They still hurt but they aren't anything serious. Its not my fault if you injure or kill yourself or someone else with these. Please have common sense.

made from-

2 magazines without thick spines (i used Boys Life)
duct tape
3 feet of nylon rope or twine

Step 1: Preparing the Magazines

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You need 2 magazines, preferably both with around 50 pages. the magazines need to not have thick spines. it works best if the pages are just stapled together at the end instead of glued next to each other.

Roll up a magazine as tight as you can, but leave enough of a hole in the middle that you could slip a small rope into the inside. hold it upright and make the edges even by placing the bottom on a table, and pushing down on the top. once it is even tape the sides on the top and bottom to get it to hold its position.


Step 2: Wrapping the Magazines

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Grab a roll of Duct Tape and cut 5 or 6 four inch sections. take one, and wrap it strait across your magazine. take another section of tape, and do the same thing, going strait across the magazine, but lower down and slightly overlapping the previous section of tape. continue down until you get to the bottom.

Do the same thing with the other magazine.

Step 3: Inserting the Rope

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Collect a 3 foot section of nylon rope, or if you don't have any, twine will work too but it wont be as nice.

push the rope through the hole you were supposed to leave in the magazine until it comes out the other side. if your hole is too small then you can use all those cool Get the Rope Through Tricks you should know, like attaching a weight to the end to help pull it through, or if you can reach it, needle nose pliers. Anyway, get the rope through to the other side, and tie a double granny knot in the end of it and pull it to the end of the magazine so it is tight. tie just a single knot on the long side of the rope, also hugging the magazine.

Tie two more single knots right next to the other, within a half inch or so. put the other magazine on your rope, and tie a double granny hugging the end of it. cut off your extra rope and your done.

have fun and don't die :)


Christian Reese (author)2015-05-13

I like how this is so simple and yet can be used as a toy. Cool.

Apple_4_life (author)2010-03-27

These are great! a way to make a mini pear is to cut 1 magazine in half then use that as your handles and they are more pocketable :)

ClaudiaRN (author)2010-03-14

 Once upon a time We studied martial arts,  and ended up making some out of the insulation foam that goes around pipes. LOL not heavy but the kids didn’t hurt each other! 

regipalka (author)2008-12-23

I like the idea but the rope kept coming out

tanis9319 (author)regipalka2009-04-28

try useing longer rope and tape it to the out side of the chuck

imthereal (author)regipalka2008-12-30

i had that problem a little too when i was swinging them around like crazy. if tying bigger knots doesn't work, i dont know what to do. thank you though :)

imthatguy1125 (author)imthereal2009-02-10

hot glue th know ends to the engof the magazine of even use epoxy glove

regipalka (author)imthereal2008-12-31

i figured out how to keep the rope i. u have to put the rope through like normal then thred it through again then tie it. it also makes a grip

imthereal (author)regipalka2009-01-01

thats a great idea! whatever works man

Sergant Tinkers (author)2009-04-07


lobo_pal (author)2009-01-18

You can make those out of rope alone, and they will be heavier for better hits.

mowie (author)2009-01-13

i used nun's life

imthereal (author)2009-01-01

thats a great idea! whatever works man

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