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This project originally appeared on my website,

The shape of the Owl Box is inspired by a papertoy batman I came across whilst exploring the many and varied pages of Pinterest. I'm afraid I can't find it again so I'm afraid I can't give credit where it is due.

That said, lets get on and make this simple but delightfully cute owl!

Start by downloading the owlbox.pdf file ready to print out.

Step 1:

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I started out by printing out the Owl onto a sheet of thin card (230micron/ 67lb) then printing a page from the Polka-dot Pattern downloaded from my website for free on the reverse. The polka-dots gives the inside of the box a nice finished feel. I then set the paper aside to let the ink dry completely before following these few steps to construct the owl box.

Step 2:

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Score along all the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Pre-crease all the dotted and dashed lines. Note that the dashed lines are hill folds and the dotted lines are valley folds.

Step 3:

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Fold up and glue the open topped box base.

Step 4:

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Glue the two feet to the base.

Step 5:

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Glue the two feet to the base.

Step 6:

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Fold round and glue together the head part into a square paper tube.

Fold in the top front and back to make the two "ears"

Step 7:

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And that's it! The head acts as a box top. Fill your owl with candy and give it to a friend.

Step 8:

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Tu-whit Tu-whoo!


bburke37 made it! (author)2017-11-10

Really like making Rob's stuff. thanks

robives (author)bburke372017-11-10

Looks great! Thanks for sharing the picture :-)

Millennial_De made it! (author)2016-09-13

Loved making it, I made video of making hope you would like it.

Kylie Wood (author)2016-01-23

Can we make other birds as well? plz make more animals thnx

jordomt18 made it! (author)2015-06-26

easy and cute

DoodleAvenue (author)2014-11-08

This is so cute! :-)

tlangtinn (author)2014-08-26

Cute hoot.

subvertbeats (author)2014-03-04

Brilliant thanks. Considering using a variation of this design for favour boxes at our wedding!

jnajman (author)2014-02-28

way to go!

mr雕刻时光 (author)2014-02-28

太可爱了,谢谢!I love it! Thank you!

axay7 (author)2014-02-26

loved it!! superb! !

robives (author)axay72014-02-27


robives (author)2014-02-26

Thanks very much! I'm glad you like it :-)

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