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The shape of the Owl Box is inspired by a papertoy batman I came across whilst exploring the many and varied pages of Pinterest. I'm afraid I can't find it again so I'm afraid I can't give credit where it is due.

That said, lets get on and make this simple but delightfully cute owl!

Start by downloading the owlbox.pdf file ready to print out.

Step 1:

I started out by printing out the Owl onto a sheet of thin card (230micron/ 67lb) then printing a page from the Polka-dot Pattern downloaded from my website for free on the reverse. The polka-dots gives the inside of the box a nice finished feel. I then set the paper aside to let the ink dry completely before following these few steps to construct the owl box.


<p>Loved making it, I made video of making hope you would like it.</p><p>https://youtu.be/TPh-Q8XaOsY</p>
<p>Can we make other birds as well? plz make more animals thnx</p>
easy and cute
<p>This is so cute! :-)</p>
Cute hoot.
<p>Just made it! It's even better in real life. It's very much like the mood monster on this site except you can store things in it. Thanks for the ible, I'll be doing these for my triplet nieces.</p>
<p>Brilliant thanks. Considering using a variation of this design for favour boxes at our wedding!</p>
way to go!
<p>太可爱了,谢谢!I love it! Thank you!</p>
loved it!! superb! !
GIVE IT YO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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