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Hey there! This is my first Instructable so please do not leave any negative comments. This Insructable is instructions to make a small 3-D paper person. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

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• Scissors • Green construction paper • Regular paper • Pencil • Ruler • Coloring utensils • Tape

Step 2: Head Parts

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• Pencil • Regular paper • Ruler Use the ruler to size the head like so.

Step 3: Head Info

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Each Square has a perimeter of 8 inches.

Step 4: Head Color Layout

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• Coloring utensils • Pencil Use the Coloring utensils and pencils to work on the face and the rest of the head. My example is up there. Just remember to put the body parts on the way I did!

Step 5: Cutting: Part 1

Picture of Cutting: Part 1

Cut the head then in the next step I will show you how to fold it.

Step 6: Folding: Part 1

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• Head (Unfolded) • Tape Look in the pictures on how to fold the head.

Step 7: Body

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Look at the picture to see how to show how to have the layout.

Step 8: Cutting: Part 2

Picture of Cutting: Part 2

How to cut the body. (P.S. You don't have to use green. You can use a different color if you want!)

Step 9: Folding: Part 2

Picture of Folding: Part 2

How to fold the body: Fold from the left to right

Step 10: Taping the Body

Picture of Taping the Body

Tape the sides together.

Step 11: Taping Together

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Tape the Body and Head together. (Remember! You can be more creative. Add arms, legs or change the face!)


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