Paper Piecing, also known as Foundation piecing, is a method of quilting in which paper pieces cut to the required pattern are used to stabilize the fabric for stitching. These paper patterns helps in creating many quilt blocks of same size, each with precise, sharp points and perfectly matching intersections. The paper patterns are removed after stitching all the blocks together before finishing with the backing.

This is my first ever venture into the world of quilting. I have to go through so many articles and videos on youtube to understand how it is done. With this design, I think I have learned all basics of the art of paper piecing

This Instructable will provide you step-by-step instructions on paper piecing a three dimensional looking pillow you see in the picture here.

Step 1: Back to Basics: Draw Your Design First

It is design time...

To get a proper 3-D look, you will have to make blocks of three diamond shaped pieces stitched together. Each diamond shape will be of two equilateral triangles combined together to form the pattern, having 120o obtuse angle and 60acute angle as shown in the sketch. The top piece of a block will be of lighter color and the sides will be dark of varying colors.

  • The complete pattern will have three blocks lengthwise and two blocks width-wise. Additional edge pieces will make a rectangular quilted piece.
  • Measure your existing or newly bought pillow form and note down the length and width.
  • With reference to the design you made, find out the actual measure of sides required to cover the pillow form. In my case, it worked out to be 10 centimeters
  • So, my diamond shaped piece will have sides of 10 centimeters each.
  • Make a template using a thick paper to a diamond shape having 10 centimeter sides.
  • You need to add 1 to 1.25 centimeters on all sides for cutting the fabric, to be folded over the paper pattern
  • Make another template for cutting fabric with about 1 to 1.25 centimeters extra on all sides. You can see the templates I have made for paper piecing and for cutting fabric in the pictures here.

Wow! What a fantastic first quilting project. It's beautiful. :D
thank you Jessy... youtube videos and many quilting web sites are very helpful for first timers

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