Paper Pincher!





Introduction: Paper Pincher!

Hello! this is my first 'ible, so i decided to make something completely new! (if something similar to this already exists, please tell me because i have no knowledge of it.) if you are like me and think that stick-notes are over-rated, this is for you. this is a little booklet (pocket sized) that pinches paper in-between the two covers securely so that you can pull it out and write on it. sticky notes are too small to work with, (at least I think so...) so this is the awesome alternetive! (please post!) this is entered in the pocket sized contest so VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know you want too!

Step 1: Everything Ya' Need

you will need:

1) duct tape (duck tape?)
2) scissors
3) plenty of letter-sized paper you don't mind sacraficing
4) 1 floppy baseball card sleeve (you can get this at a trading card retailer)
5) ruler

Step 2: Cut the Paper

take a stack of paper the size of your choice (not too small, though) and measure a rectange 9cm X 11cm on the side of the paper. (you probably want to mark this with a pencil!) cut it out.

Step 3: Duct Tape Time!

take the duct tape and completely cover the pieces of paper on the top of the cut stack and the bottom. then, take a piece of duct tape the size of the edge of the stack with about 1/2 an inch ecsess on either end and have it connect either cover, like a spine on the stack. then, push the ecsess down on the top and bottom and cut the triangle flaps off. (see pic 2.) that was the hardest part! congratulations!

Step 4: Add the Card Sleeve

now put the card sleeve on the middle of the front cover. tape it to the cover, but don't seal the opening on top!

Step 5: Happy Pinching!

now, put your pencil in the pocket, and the paper between the two covers is completely sealed in, but with a pull will slip out for your note making convenience. happy pinching!

Step 6: My Awesome Pincher!!!

i recently made mine completely AWESOME! i stuffed it full of everything i could possibly need... and it still fits in my pocket! check it out! it's awesome! i give credit to the "always have duct tape in your pocket" instructable for the card-duct tape thing. it was just too good to leave out! :D



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