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Introduction: Paper Plane Launcher

Hi All,

My son loves paper planes and he spends good amount of time making alot of planes

In this instructable I will share how to mage a simple paper plane launcher, from old toy car motor and wheels

Please check out the video for demo

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Two motors from old toy car
- Two wheels
- Two AA batteries and holder
- WOODEN STRIPS for frame
- Double side tape
- 1mm thick foam sheet
- Acrylic paint
- Fevicol
- Paper for planes

- Nails
- Hammer
- Hexsaw
- Paper tape

Step 2: Frame

Design Points
- We need the motors to spin in opposite direction and outwards
- The gap between the two wheels should be around 1mm
- Plane guide gap should be around 3 to 4 mm

To start with, I cut wooden strips of
15cm, 19cm,15cm each

Using fevicol or PVA glue stick them to make a guide. I used wooden strip which was 20mm x 3mm, perfect for the project

Using Two 5cm long strips manner stand or legs...
Please note that we cannot use nails as the wood strip is thin and starts to split, so I have used fevicol and clamped it using paper tape or under heavy furniture

Step 3: Electronic

We need to place two motors on either side such that the gap between the wheels is approx 1mm.

Now if there is not enough grip, use 1mm thin foam board and cover the wheels

Connect motors via a switch to a battery holder

Stick the motors, switch, battery holder using double side tape..

Paint the frame using acrylic paint...

Step 4: Let's Play

Make few paper planes and test. One may have to adjust distance between wheels etc

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    What part you did not like ?

    This is so cool! You should make a paper airplane machine gun launcher!

    Thanks, good idea, I will try to make the frame this weekend