Introduction: Paper Plane Launcher

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Have you ever wants a Paper Airplane to fly a Pringle can? I've also though about this which is why I designed a device to do this. With simple Physics you can launch a pringle can.

Step 1: Materials Needed.

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These are the materials that we used to make this. Rubber Bands, a pringle can, scotch tape, paper, a knife or scissors, and a cd.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom.

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In this step I cut the bottom of the pringle can to make it completely hollow.

Step 3: Attach Paper Planes

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You simply make a paper airplane then attach it to a part of the pringle can and make sure you tape it on the bottom and on the top. Also make sure that the tip of the plane is sticking out a little bit beyond the pringle can.

Step 4: Completed Product.

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This is the final product after the completion of all the paper planes. Make sure they are well taped to the can. You're also going to want to put tape of the wings of each paper plane to keep them together.

Step 5: Parallel Holes.

Picture of Parallel Holes.

You then take the tip of the scissors and poke parallel holes in the can so that you can put a pencil through the holes this is support for the rubber band.

Step 6: Launch Device.

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Take a series of thick rubber band and attach them together. So you can place the rubber band around the pencil to allow the necessary tension for the launch.

Step 7: Completely Finished Products.

Picture of Completely Finished Products.

This is what your product should look like after you have completed everything.

Step 8: CD Improvement.

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After a few test trials of the original idea, I decided that the CD needed a bigger hole to allow the rubber band more room to get through for a better launch.

Step 9: How It Works

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This is how it works. You take the rubber band and attach it over the pencil and pull it back with quite a bit of force. You put the CD there as a solid base for back support of the plane. You pull it through and release it and hold so the CD does not take off with it.


kylekosan23 (author)2011-07-17

too heavy

rimar2000 (author)2009-06-03

I don't understand. This contraption can't functions. 1) All the planes are taped together with the Pringles can? It must be too heavy to fly! 2) When you release the rubber band, only its mass push the heavy Pringles can + 4 planes. It can't be sufficient to launch it more than a few centimeters. If you put a video, maybe this will be more credible... Then I will ask for your forgiveness.

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