Picture of Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft Project for kids
This adorable little polar bear is fun to make and can be easily be made with things you have around the house!
How to Make a Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft Project
You will Need:
paper plate
Styrofoam cup
cotton balls
black construction paper
2 googly eyes
basic craft supplies

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Step 1:

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Here are the supplies you will need to make the polar bear craft project.

Step 2:

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Cut off the ridged rim of the paper plate. Cut out a circle from the center of the plate to make your polar bear's head.

Step 3:

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Cut out two arms from the remaining piece of the paper plate.

Turn the styrofoam cup upside-down. Glue the circle head from the plate onto the cup. Tape the arms on so they sticks out on either side of the cup.

Next cut out two smaller rounded ears from the piece of paper plate. Glue them onto the polar bear's head.

Step 4:

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Cut a nose from the black construction paper. Glue it onto the cotton ball. Draw a mouth onto the cotton ball under the nose with a black marker.

Step 5:

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Glue the nose cotton ball onto the polar bear's face.

Glue on cotton balls around the polar bear's body.

Glue on the googly eyes.

Your adorable polar bear craft is finished!

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