Picture of Paper Pockets
Inspired by library book card pockets and denim jeans, I originally made these colorful little pockets to hold my bookmarks while reading.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools
Here's what you'll need:

X-acto knife
8.5” x 11” sheet of cardstock paper
Card weight paper of choice (scrap booking paper is a good source for colors/patterns)
Metal straight edge
Double sided tape (preferably 1/2” wide and acid free)
Bone folder or scoring tool
Paper pocket template*
Cutting mat*

*Items with asterisk are not pictured.
xxlauraxx23 days ago

An elegant solution to de-clutter a desk. Nice!

This is pure genius.

s.crespocar made it!1 year ago

Nice touch for my desk.

aie_i3 years ago
it's done.. thanks for sharing.. keep it going ;)
elgee2nyt aie_i2 years ago
How did you hold pens up in there? Didn't they fall? im assuming there's space below? :(
aie_i elgee2nyt2 years ago
hello.. i'd just repeat the same 'left&right section' steps to the 'below section' steps.. fold it in and stick the double sided tape on it.. ;)
mole13 years ago
I'm inspired by the idea of cords in pockets rather than hanging on a hook. Pockets give a much cleaner look. This may be just the thing for my Wacom cord which I usually leave in a pile on top of it. Thanks!
That is very nicely done! A pocket sized paper pocket!
That's fantastic. Great design. :D