Introduction: Paper Pockets

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Inspired by library book card pockets and denim jeans, I originally made these colorful little pockets to hold my bookmarks while reading.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

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Here's what you'll need:

X-acto knife
8.5” x 11” sheet of cardstock paper
Card weight paper of choice (scrap booking paper is a good source for colors/patterns)
Metal straight edge
Double sided tape (preferably 1/2” wide and acid free)
Bone folder or scoring tool
Paper pocket template*
Cutting mat*

*Items with asterisk are not pictured.

Step 2: Print & Cut Template

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I have attached a pdf drawing with all necessary measurements to use as a guide or as a template for making paper pockets. Depending on how many you plan on making, you may either print directly onto the paper you want to make your pocket from, or create a reusable to trace onto any card weight paper.

Use the cutting mat and X-acto knife to cut your template. The metal ruler is a useful straight edge if you are not comfortable cutting free hand.

Step 3: Trace, Cut, Score, Fold

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Transfer the pocket template to your card weight paper of choice using a pencil or pen. Make sure to fill in the fold lines originally shown on the template before you begin cutting (this step is only necessary with the reusable template).

Carefully cut out your pocket using the X-acto knife. Score each of the interior fold lines using a bone folder and metal straight edge; this will make folding the 1/2” flaps easier and ensure straight, clean edges. One by one, fold each of the flaps.

Step 4: Tape

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Carefully adhere the double sided tape to each of the flaps. I used acid free tape because the original pockets were meant to go inside my books (exposure to acid fades and deteriorates paper over time). Make sure to trim any excess tape hanging off the edges to prevent it from getting caught on the pocket’s contents later on.

Step 5: Stick It

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Proceed to stick your paper pocket and fill it with whatever you see fit! 


common_senz (author)2015-09-06


xxlauraxx (author)2015-08-12

An elegant solution to de-clutter a desk. Nice!

Christian Reese (author)2015-05-20

This is pure genius.

s.crespocar made it! (author)2014-09-02

Nice touch for my desk.

aie_i (author)2012-08-27

it's done.. thanks for sharing.. keep it going ;)

elgee2nyt (author)aie_i2012-09-24

How did you hold pens up in there? Didn't they fall? im assuming there's space below? :(

aie_i (author)elgee2nyt2012-09-27

hello.. i'd just repeat the same 'left&right section' steps to the 'below section' steps.. fold it in and stick the double sided tape on it.. ;)

mole1 (author)2012-08-10

I'm inspired by the idea of cords in pockets rather than hanging on a hook. Pockets give a much cleaner look. This may be just the thing for my Wacom cord which I usually leave in a pile on top of it. Thanks!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-07-23

That is very nicely done! A pocket sized paper pocket!

jessyratfink (author)2012-07-23

That's fantastic. Great design. :D

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