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Today I would like to unveil a new project series, all about the wonders of PAPERCRAFT.  If you couldn't tell from one of my previous works, I absolutely love papercrafts.  They're awesome- it's like 3D printing on a budget!  Even though I don't create all my patterns myself, I'm always scouring the internet for new papercraft models and new designs to build.  

As such, I will be creating a new project category for myself Papercraft Publications or Paper Pubs! This is where I take an awesome papercraft pattern I find online/ design myself and simply show the process of how I made it.  There's a lot of awesome papercrafts out there and I just want to pay them tribute.

So lets get crafting!  #1 on my list is how to turn construction paper into an Awesome iPod/ iPhone Television Dock.

PS I'm sorry if the video and audio is a bit screwed up.  My digital camera is not too good at taking them.

Step 1: Papercraft Profile

I got the idea to make this from Trickartt's sweet post it note television set.  In case you haven't seen it, he took a bunch of post it notes and created an awesome slide in television box from it.  Video here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trickartt/4653748455/

I just thought that that idea was so creative and awesome that I had to build my own.

When making mine, however, I wanted to be a bit more creative.  I was debating between awesome and retro or adorable and kawaii.  Since I just ate at a dine in restaurant for lunch, I decided for a more colorful aesthetic.  Kawaii!

The basic design for my television set came from the Chao TV set pattern from Sonic Team's website.  I basically just rescaled it until it fit the length of my iPod Touch and made it from construction paper.  

I love this fantastic idea!
Hey SHIFT! it's a lovely design for a retro television set.
This is awesome!!!! But I'm having trouble scaling the papercraft page up. Any tips? Thanks
Do you have MS Paint? That's what I used to scale it up (resize image). <br />
How cute!!
Thanks poofrabbit! I love papercrafts, I love my iPod and I love watching tv so this seemed like a perfect winning combo!
I would agree 100%!

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