Step 6: Cut the Slot

Next, taking your dock pouch, glue it to the directly to the back of your of the television's front face, right behind the giant hole for the screen.  Then, using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife cut a slot so your iDevice can slide in.

Tip: You may want to reinforce it with other paper, to ensure the hole doesn't rip later on.
I love this fantastic idea!
Hey SHIFT! it's a lovely design for a retro television set.
This is awesome!!!! But I'm having trouble scaling the papercraft page up. Any tips? Thanks
Do you have MS Paint? That's what I used to scale it up (resize image). <br />
How cute!!
Thanks poofrabbit! I love papercrafts, I love my iPod and I love watching tv so this seemed like a perfect winning combo!
I would agree 100%!

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