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Today's Papercraft Project arises from a question that has plagued mankind for centuries.  Namely, what would you do if you had your own mindless drones willing to do your bidding?  Wars, devastation, galactic empires across the galaxies, giant industrial corporations, and the F BoxNetwork are all the result of such a moral dilemma, and it's easy to criticize these faceless ventures when we are not placed in the same predicament.  Which is why, we come to the question, what would we as individuals do with such immense power?  

Well, this project, thankfully, will not address any of these questions!  Nope, the papercraft today the famous Digg Logo is not only an adorable mass of inane paper but is so easily replicated that after a few attempts you can have mindless drones of your own!  You can't send them to do your bidding, but they make excellent theft deterrent!

Note: Member SHIFT! does not endorse anyone else's plans for world domination, except for his own.  Maybe.

Step 1: Papercraft Profile

For those of you who don't know what the website Digg is, according to Wikipedia it is a social news website that apparently allows users to vote on recent articles/web pages/ news stories "digging" the most interesting ones and "burying" the most useless and forgettable ones.    Personally, I always just think of them as "Facebook Like: The Website"

This papercraft, however, comes from the website paperworks.wikidot.com and was submitted by user Freebooter Fox, aka Stickypurplecat.  Besides this one, Freebooter Fox has some truly amazing papercraft projects such as the iconic Awesome Face, Sol Emeralds and even real working Papercraft Hinges!  Truly Astounding! 

As always, I never host any of the papercraft files, just provide links to their site where you can download them FOR FREE.   You will also need to download Pepakura to view the files on your computer.

Download Link Here: http://paperworks.wikidot.com/freebooter-fox

Hey, I think I know that guy in your intro image!
Yes, every great nation needs a fantastic leader! Until then, they'll obey you.
You could photo-shop some well-known faces onto the templates...<br> <br> <sup><sub>(I think I (sort of) <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/%22Heed_s-the-Box%22---a-model-man-you-can-fit-inside-/" rel="nofollow">beat you to this by a few years</a>, though...)</sub></sup>
Haha Heed's Back! I love that guy, great at parties :D

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