The heat has been coming on and off a lot this year.

Every time it comes on - I think about how cold it is outside.

Well I thought I could change my mindset on the cold - by having something flying around the heater / register vents.

It was not as easy as I thought. I experimented with different shapes and different types of paper. I finally came up with the idea of using butterfly patterns - flying in the air as it escaped from the vent.

Mother Nature must know a thing or two – because real butterfly shapes worked well.

I wanted to share a few examples of my Paper Register Flyers.

Step 1: Flyers in Action

This has been a fun project on a lot of levels. This is my first you tube video.

I hope the movement expresses what I am trying to achieve with the paper.

<p>Wonderful! I like it!</p><p>Simple and with a touch! :)</p>
Thank you, <br>I am happy this idea has created variations and modifications.<br><br>Scott
<p>Gif for you!</p>
You must have read my mind. I was looking at your great instructables which had embedded movements (GIFs) and which made me want to improve my instructables like yours. <br>I asked around for help - with creating GIFs, no luck; so I ended up with You-tube.<br>I really appreciate you providing the Gif, it was a great surprise.<br>
<p>I have started making gifs to post on Tumblr and Google+ and occassionally for the newsletter. I decided I should share them with the projects I made them from :)</p><p>It is actually uber easy (if you have Photoshop at least for me) I just used Audrey's Instructable: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-a-Video-into-a-Gif/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-a-Video-into-...</a></p>
<p>Great idea! <br>I'm going to try this but we have a 100 year old house and our vents, vent out sideways... So I'll have to find a strong enough wire to support them but thin enough to let them move with the air flow??</p>
I tried several wires with different size papers, before I came up this the butterfly size. I know you can do it, just need the right combo. The lite weight paper will at least give you wing movement. I was going to use a hard drive magnet - which should be plenty strong for a sideways mount.<br>I was noticed that the wings with the cut outs actually had the most movement. This hurt my head because it went against my logic.<br><br>Just a side story, my first house was really old; it only had one output heat vent. In the winter, we would notice the house getting colder. Well, our dogs were lying over the top of it. They were toasty and sleepy.<br>
<p>Would you like to make it bigger and take power off where it is attached? One of my dreams is &quot;sails&quot; hanging down from a clothes line and tacking left and right in unison. (running a small air compressor) as they pull the line one way then the other. I think it could be done</p>
Not only can it be done, it should be done. This is great idea.<br>thank you for your comment
<p>This will also keep my cats happy</p>
<p>I was going to say, do not use this if you have cats,<br>it will cause excessive giddiness. </p>
well all this talk of cats - makes me miss my cats.
I could not resist the idea of being able to turn the air on and off to really get the cats going.
<p>should have used the springs out of a pen,just stretch them out abit.</p>
would work great with the magnet set up
<p>Great idea! I haven't tried this yet, but how about using a thread tied to the middle of each long side of the vent and looped over and secured to the butterfly at its head and tail? This should keep it from falling off the air column once it reaches its peak flight. I would think that mounting like this should allow the butterfly to rise to the length of the thread, then bounce back and forth as it glides across the top of the air column, and also swing a little side to side while being kept up by the width of the air column. The thread would allow the butterfly to take a break every so often by resting between air cycles then fluttering back up into the sky. </p><p>I can picture dark-colored thread with bright neon or black light reactive colors painted on the butterfly as it dances away in the night. I will have to try this sometime when our cat is busy elsewhere. Thanks for the idea!</p>
Great idea, with the tread, I have in step 3 a picture that shows gutterman 100% polyester thread. I really like the durability of this thread. Using magnets with the tread will give a quick and adjustable set up. I like your idea of bright neon paint on the butterfly. I tried bright color pencils, but the paint would be great. <br>If you look at the first group of pictures you will see little butterflies. I am working on a single wire set up with punched holes in the butterflies. My idea is to have the butterflies go up the wire and then cascade down when no air.<br>I cannot help you with cats, they be crazy. Don&rsquo;t trust them. Just kidding! <br><br>
<p>Cats would love this!!! Cool!!!</p>
I need to make a trip to the pet store to see what will fly.<br>
<p>I love this!</p>
<p>Thank you</p>
<p>Thank you for your great idea! Just wondering what house cats would think about this? (ha, ha.)</p>
<p>Thank you for the comment</p><p>Well you had to go there with the cats - didn&rsquo;t you? Just kidding. </p><p>My wife saw them and said that we need some kittens. I should have put in some kind of cat / kitten label on this project. </p><p>Something like: If you make this - they will come.</p>
<p>These are so pretty, I might try it with my own vent :)</p>
Thank you so much for the nice comment.<br>I live in my own little world and not sure what people will like.<br><br>thank you again.<br>Scott
<p>They are great :) My vent is on my wall, not on the floor though, so I'll have to do some experiments to attach them, I think, although the clip seems like it worked well.</p>
<p>I just put the butterfly with the necklace magnet on my tool<br>box sideways. It was strong enough to hold on. I am not sure what it will do<br>with constant bouncing. But, I agree if you can find a place to clamp it; the<br>clamp would be better. On top of that, those magnets cost me about 5 dollars for two. I got 10 clips for a 1 dollar. Just a thought to make it a little more colorful, those paper clamps come in different colors. </p>
<p>These are very orginal and unique Scott! Thanks for sharing! :-)</p>
thanks <br>How did the video look?<br>It was my first try putting the video in.<br>Scott
<p>The video was awesome. The music was suitable and matched the video with a soft harmony. You did very well for a first try, very well indeed! :-)</p>

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