This is an easy model that I learned on the internet.Also this is my first instructable so please leave comments or suggestions

Step 1: Paper

Take a square piece of paper and cut it in half (I used a sticky note because that was the right size for my finger).

Step 3:

Fold the piece of paper in half again and then unfold.Fold both sides to meet the central line

Step 5:

Fold the model completely in half

Step 6:

Fold both corners to the centre line

Step 7:

Tuck both corners in

Step 8:

Fold both lines to the centre

Step 9:

Pull sides out and pop up the top

Step 10:

Add a piece of tape or glue to hold it together and your done

Step 11:

Now go show off your new ring
<p>i hate it i dont get it im only 10 years old </p>
<p>I love this ring! I made it with only half of a regular sized sticky note, my kids will love it!</p>
so pretty :)
This is a really cute idea! Love it!
If you can't get it to stick up try using the eraser end of a pencil
I made this but my bubble part on the top wouldn't stay up; any suggestions?

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Bio: Hi I'm only 11 and I like building stuff.Lots of the skills I have I learned on my own
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