Today we will be learning how to build a paper rocket! This is an easy, cheap, and fun project that can be completed within an hour.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are some of the supplies you need:

Index cards

White Elmers Glue

Painters Tape


Braces rubber band

<p>I made it but unfourtunatly I didn't have a bike pump to connect it to so I modified it to be a paper dart!</p><p>You got my vote that's for sure.</p>
<p>Nice! I like how you adapt to your supplies. I believe you can also get a small bike pump at places like big 5 if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Thanks for the Vote!</p>
<p>Well, we don't have big 5 over here but as of last week I have access to all the big 5's in America...</p><p>I rolled an extra bit of paper around the nose cone and cut it like the handle of a dart and then threw it and it flew so well!</p><p>I found that if you covered the nose cone with sticky tape it did not dent as easily.</p><p>The last mod I did was before putting the nose cone on I rolled a piece of paper about an inch wide by 5 inches long and put that in the nose of the dart to give it a bit extra weight, it flew much straighter and further!</p>
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