Step 11: Attach Nose Cone to Body

Finally, turn the nose cone over and fill it 3/4 of the way full with hot glue. Be careful here, so that you don't burn yourself. The paper will get warm, but it shouldn't get too hot to hold.

Now, take the rocket body and insert the top (sealed) end into the hot glue, pushing it down so that it sits snugly in the nose cone. Hold everything in place for a few seconds until the glue sets, so that nothing gets misaligned.

Once the glue cools, your rocket is finished.

To fire the rocket, simply insert the pen barrel about 2/3 of the way into the rocket, hold the barrel between your thumb and forefinger and blow hard. Alternately (this works much better, actually), stick the launcher onto an air pump hose and give it a blast to watch it really fly!
<p>are the paper measurements in inches, millimetres or centimetres?</p>
<p>i'm making this rocket with a wrapping paper roll acting ass the pen tube fro my science project. i'm just scaling everything up. any advice?</p>
<p>where is the launcher here!?</p>
isn't there suposed to be a launcher??????
the launcher is at the end
There is a launcher- you put it back over the pen barrel and blow! It's like an external version of a blowpipe.
sticking it with super glue works too rite?
cool! i shot myself in the arm.
You could shoot it with a homemade air pressure rifle. It would fly straight like crazy
On the internet there's a pattern simular to this, it's called The Paper Tiger. You roll the sheet of paper around C rocket motors and cut 1/4&quot; of a used one off for a motor retainer. Works quite well, on a windless day I had one go up and come straight back down and do a nose dive 2 ft. from the launch pad. www.texnet.net/ccent/rockets/papertig.htm
I think I have a good idea for those rockets.
check out my rocket launcher , i think it will go good with your rockets.<br />
Mine went so far up, I couldnt see it anymore! And when it hit the ground, it dindnt break! Thanks for the instructable!
You just fold the tape over so that it sticks to itself, only leave a little bit at the end that isn't stuck together, and use that part to attach it to the rocket body. Then take scissors and trim the "flap" you just made so that it's triagular.
I think I understand. We've to just fold it to half carefully, just like we do on paper to cut it in to equal parts. Here the folding is done such that small part of end are free and then we cut it as you said.
this is well good would you make one out of duct tape?
nice job can you like make a mod for it please
I cant understand IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool ... hey does anyone know how to change the picture for your account i cant get it to work.
making mine like an actual rocket the body tube is about the size of a marker so u can put an estes engine inside...
How do you launch it?
Read the last paragraph of step 11...<br/><br/><em>&quot;To fire the rocket ...&quot;</em><br/>
nice great lil project
maybe if I added a more flashy propulsion unit, this would be something I could earn kudoes for...
very nice. i'm going to make a mod so it could fit inside a blowgun. the fins would be on springs to fold in to fit in the blowgun.
ible plz?
whats an ible?
an instructable i dont know why its called that way
oh. got it. ill try and get one up soon.
I did this with my cub scouts and they had a blast Thanks for a fun project
I'm gonna try making it much bigger and fit it over a barrel of a compressed air gun and shoot it. I think it should go 200 + feet maybe up to 400 feet
Wow. Very nice, and rather original. If you could send me a personal message to clear up how to make the tail fins, that would be awesome! Definitely a favorite.
thats realy cool, i bet I can make something like this durring one of my off periods in school
how many inches is a bic pin how tall is it
its on my favs
Cool. I like it. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/05/how_to_make_a_bic_pen_rocket.html">This</a> bic pen rocket is a little cooler but a lot more difficult to build.<br/>
Oh, that is cool. Thanks for the link. :)
Very nice. I like it.

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