Let's make a bouquet of rose using papers.

Things you will need:

  • News paper
  • scissor
  • glue
  • a small piece of wire
  • scale

Step 1: Making Petals

Cut news paper in different ratios of measurement(large - small).Cut it like petals(cut petals differently from one another).Use 4 - 5 petals for small measurement and use 8 - 10 petals for large measurement.

Step 2: Making Rose

Glue th smallest petal at first and glue others back to back from small to big.(give press at the bottom of every petal after gluing to it)

Step 3: Giving Effect

After completing gluing petals just fold the sides of petals to give an effect.

Step 4: Bouquet

After making many roses joint every flowers using a tape or with a ribbon.

<p>mixed the paper flowers and paper rose methods and came up with this. was fun and makes for lovely natural as well as artificial beauty around the house.</p>
<p>or are you</p>
<p>so cute n easy</p>
<p>It worked!!! P.S for anyone who's super crafty and doesn't have glue, like me, double-sided scotch tape works just fine. </p>
<p>Thanks for making it and I'm so happy to see it.It's very nice.:):):)</p>
<p>Thanks for making it and I'm so happy to see it.It's very nice.:):):)</p>
<p>Waah!!! nyc rosyyyy...</p>
<p>Thank you..</p>
<p>This looks very nice</p>

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