Paper Rose Ball . Easy for Everybody.





Introduction: Paper Rose Ball . Easy for Everybody.

How to make paper rose ball.
Easy way.

You need 6 green and 6 yellow pieces of printer paper.
Tape bound

for rose from chocolate paper look

for amazing rose from paper look

for Paper Rose Ball . Easy for everybody.

paper flower ball

the other paper crafts videos

Step 1: Green Paper.

Take green paper and make 12 leafs like on foto.

Step 2: Yellow Piece of Paper.

Make 12 yellow roses. As on foto.

Step 3: Green Leaf+yellow Flower

You must take green leaf and yellow flower and connect them with tape bound. Make all 12 pieces this way.

Step 4: Take 6 Flowers.

Take 6 flowers and connect them with stapler as on foto.
First make 5 connecting and then the other 5 . (at all 10)
The other 6 make the same way,
You must get two 6-flowers .

Step 5: Take Both 6 Flowers Blocks and Connect Them.

You must make 10 connection.
Enjoy your rose ball.



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    wow ! im vey impressed ur sooo creative !

    I finished the whole flower =)) GO GUYS I'm sure you can do it too :)

    wow !!!!! thats really a great way to make good flowers......

    aaahhhh....i really dont know how to make the flowers...grrrr....

    just like a kusudama flower ball....beautiful. although, how to make the roses would be nice, no?

     thats fantastic,,,, thankyou

    i really dont understand this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    I made one finally, the rose part was kind of hard to get started on, but I figured it out eventually. I made mine out of newspaper (took forever to measure and cut and everything) and it looks like a bunch of roses clumped together (no color difference).

     i think he's just rolling it in step 8?

    I can't seem to understand step 8. can u plz put bettr instructions somewhere else?

    What size of paper??

    The most terrible instructions i have eva read

    yer me to step 8 makes no sense but i can see where u r comng from as i make origami myself... :D good luck with further productions :D

    That is very creative wow!!!! I am definitely going to make this!!

    Actually, I've never had a flower anger me as much as this one does! It didn't help that the steps to making the flower were photos so I had no idea how it was getting that shape. Each time I tried the flower was coming out in a cylinder shape even though I was gripping it tightly with my left hand.

    Are you showing off what you can do or trying to teach people how to do it? lol If you didn't have the step-by-step explanation it would seem more like showing off at the speed you put the video.

    :P mmm interesting for some meetings adorn