Paper Rose Ball . Easy for Everybody.





Introduction: Paper Rose Ball . Easy for Everybody.

How to make paper rose ball.
Easy way.

You need 6 green and 6 yellow pieces of printer paper.
Tape bound

for rose from chocolate paper look

for amazing rose from paper look

for Paper Rose Ball . Easy for everybody.

paper flower ball

the other paper crafts videos

Step 1: Green Paper.

Take green paper and make 12 leafs like on foto.

Step 2: Yellow Piece of Paper.

Make 12 yellow roses. As on foto.

Step 3: Green Leaf+yellow Flower

You must take green leaf and yellow flower and connect them with tape bound. Make all 12 pieces this way.

Step 4: Take 6 Flowers.

Take 6 flowers and connect them with stapler as on foto.
First make 5 connecting and then the other 5 . (at all 10)
The other 6 make the same way,
You must get two 6-flowers .

Step 5: Take Both 6 Flowers Blocks and Connect Them.

You must make 10 connection.
Enjoy your rose ball.



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Questions & Answers


wow ! im vey impressed ur sooo creative !

I finished the whole flower =)) GO GUYS I'm sure you can do it too :)

wow !!!!! thats really a great way to make good flowers......

aaahhhh....i really dont know how to make the flowers...grrrr....

just like a kusudama flower ball....beautiful. although, how to make the roses would be nice, no?

 thats fantastic,,,, thankyou

i really dont understand this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I made one finally, the rose part was kind of hard to get started on, but I figured it out eventually. I made mine out of newspaper (took forever to measure and cut and everything) and it looks like a bunch of roses clumped together (no color difference).

 i think he's just rolling it in step 8?

I can't seem to understand step 8. can u plz put bettr instructions somewhere else?