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Introduction: Paper Rug

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prepare a newspaper / magazine / calendar

scissors / cutter ruler

staples (optional)

Step 1: Pieces of Paper

scissors paper lengthwise into four sections or as desired to obtain the desired width and thickness

Step 2: Prepare Plaiting Materials

fold in half
then fold again into four insert that folds neatly

Step 3: Weave

woven paper folded
leaving the sides along the width of the paper slightly exceeded (for trimming)

Step 4: Additional Connections

to add another extension of the paper where you want the extended
continue weaving

Step 5: Trim the Edges

can by folding and inserting paper that has been spared
or can be bent and then stapled (up to you)

Step 6: Done

enjoy your work



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I am actually making one as I speak. I found that using an old phone book is working fantastically. The pages are the perfect size and it avoids the cutting procedure. Plus there is no mess and I can stop tearing out pages at any point as to not have extra mess.


check contest I follow .. I will divide the membership again

I wait like what you're doing bro ..

Thanks to all who voted for me. to celebrate for a comment after I'd given my code 3 Month Premium Membership

I like this. Maybe a coat of poly to hold it all together and add some toughness.

Thank you for the advice.

happy when you create and share here