Picture of Paper Seeds

I recently decided for my Easter project this year I would do something that didn't just look nice, but was actually useful so I did a little thinking and research and decided I would make seed paper.
seed paper is basically paper that has seeds in it so you can just place it on some dirt, add water it and......... YAY! FLOWERS!

This is also handy if you are a gardener and you have trouble finding all of those little seed packets, just put labels on the different seeds in your pieces of paper and you cant lose your seeds.

they have clay ones on but they are really expensive i belive
poofrabbit3 years ago
I too have done this, I like to make mine into gift tags for gifts, sort of a extra little gift, and if they do toss it somewhere out there flowers will grow. Great instructable!
katerlyn3 years ago
What is the purple stuff? Maybe you could insert some notes into these photographs. GOOD LUCK!
monkeys98 (author)  katerlyn3 years ago
the "purple stuff" is the paper after i added food colouring to the mix.
katerlyn3 years ago
Awesome, I need every gardening tip I can think of. Keep mulling this around as I read somewhere there will be a gardening contest next week?
foobear3 years ago
interesting idea