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Bored out of your mind in school? Like to keep your hands moving? Don't own a tech deck or cant bring it to school cuz it will be taken away? If so this is for you! This paper skateboard is fun to play with and easy to master. Plus if it gets taken away, its only paper! (and tape :P) This is my first instructable so please bear with me... SO here it is!

Note: These are ambitexduros (i know i spelled that wrong)
so you can use them with either hand. Also the tail and nose are the same.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this you will need:

-One piece of paper (lined is probably best)
-Either Packing Tape or Duct tape (it doesnt really matter)
-5 or so minutes
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Yummywax8 months ago
Yummywax8 months ago
Call it a Sim Board. (It's like a tech deck simulator.)
Yummywax8 months ago
Cool thanks.
ggg shock4 years ago
try cutting it in half

Mine was big, so I did the same thing too. :)

more like a snowboard.......

Yeah it is!

knuckleboy2 years ago
I watched your video on youtube, we both have accounts in instructables and youtube!
Duct Board
do you skateboard and bike i'm a sporty guy i play football,basketball,kickball,skateboard,and bike and where do you live i live in jefferson city
You might not want to tell were you live because now somebody could stalk you
I made a paper finger board
dude can u send me one
make your own
are you taalking to me or the author???
are you a girl
no y?
you a boy
popper122 what kind of tricks can you do on a skateboard
inward heel , tre flip, heel flip , kick flip, varial heel, shuv it , varial kickflip, shuv it fs and bs, boardslide 50-50 ,5-0 grind , bigspin, half cab, casper and basically all those tricks in fakie...how about you?
bull craap
yes, yes you are
kick flip,ollie,shove it,180,boardslide,caveman,japan,indy
kl...i'm more of a street skater
popper122 do you skateboard
Yeah, y?
who are you talking about
Sweet thanks I made one and they rule :( to bad I have no wheels
please send me one
isamson4 years ago
kinda weird
jwoo20234 years ago
I added a spring underneath it to bounce!
Jank4926 years ago
It worked well.You should call them sick trick finger boards.
cover all of it in tape and now you can do it on the water!
dingu66665 years ago
hey i got a new way to ollie on this board, just press down the tail with ur middle finger and place ur thumb below the board and lift it
That is called "cheating"
Hey these are awsome. You should call them boreds. You should roll up a little bit of paper and cellotape it and use it as wheels.
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you can put a desein on it by scratching it with a sharp thing
dingu66665 years ago
it would be better if its name was desk warrior
dingu66665 years ago
do u have to tape d nose and d tail
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