Step 2: Folding

Picture of Folding
D# 2.JPG
1. Fold the paper in half (hamburger sytle)
2. Fold it in half (again fold it hamburger style)
3. Again Fold it hamburger style. it should look like 3rd pic.
4. Now fold it Hotdog style and you should have a small piece of paper like in the 4th picture. (sorry about pinkness)
5. Fold the edges about 1 c.m. Use the picture for refrence.

what does hamburger and hotdog fold mean?? comment me answer pleaasee
 Hamburger I presume means width ways.
and Hotdog means Length ways. :D
hamburger is top to bottom hot dog is from on side to the other... i dont like those terms
noah1r6 years ago
good idea
no its ok. the... pinkenness makes it look kool.