This instructable will show you the fine art of Paper Snow Flake making. Now, these ain't your mama's paper snow flakes, these are intricate, themed creations.

I have been making these delicate decorations now for over ten years. I was originally taught how to make them by a very good friend of mine, Glenn Tong. My first encounter with them were by Glenn using them as decorations at a Christmas party my family used to attend every year. I can remember as a small child looking up in wonder of his marvelous creations: dancing pigs, the Eiffel tower, and lobsters. Since he has taught me making them has sort of become a tradition. Some designs come back every year, others last only once. Either way, each one is the continuation of a a tradition, and has sacred happy memories attached.

Each of the snow flakes shown below will be detailed in the examples section

I've created a flickr group for you to showcase the snowflakes you've made. The group is called 'The Great Paper Snowflake Group', its URL is

Can't wait to see what you've made!

Paso 1: Materials Needed

As impressive as these snow flakes can look (I use the word can because I have made some pretty awful and ugly ones) they do not require and special materials, tools, or skills. Only a simple folding method, which will be detailed in a moment.

A Writing Utensil
Good Scissors

A Piece of Paper (see below)


A note on paper: In all the years I have been making these snow flakes my paper of choice has always been everyday printer paper. It is pretty strong, has a great color for snow flakes (white!) and is cheap and easy to find. I've tried other papers, but always come back to the old stand by.
nice one
I found that using a spray starch on whie coffee filters works best. Iron the filters dry and crisp before you fold them. You can also iron the folds in for extremely detailed designs.....but you will need to iron them out after the flake is cut. This is the way I have created public holiday displays... With hundreds of paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.
You will have a 100 times easier job with spring action type micro point scissors. I use Fiskars...the micro sharp small tip gets the tiny intricacies and the spring action cuts down on hand fatigue. The difference in final product will be tremendous. <br> <br>Try it! You will never go back to old scissors when cutting out complicated snow flakes. <br>
This is my favorite!<br><br>Nice early pope's nose!
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Love these!!! Just did a couple of them up and I think my Girl Scouts will be able to make some awesome ones. Can't wait to show them....
Those are gorgeous! It's hard to believe it's just paper cut with scissors, they're so beautiful. I'm going to try it out right now.
Okay, I am totally into this now. Thank you so much. I didn't make any of your designs, but not because I don't like them (I do). It was mainly because I didn't feel like copying them out and I wanted to do my own thing. At first I did some simple letters and words, and then I moved on to more complex letters - I wrote &quot;Valentine's Day&quot; on one (inspired by my friend's goal to make valentines for her friends) and it came out really well - I'm really proud of it. Then I moved on to pictures - I did one with leafy vines and hearts which came out looking like a doily - very cool! Then, last but not least (and I'm not done yet) I made one with a cat batting at a flower. Since I can't draw cats to save my life I traced it, but the cutting was still cool even though I can't take credit for the drawing. <br><br>One question - Do you always use scissors? One big problem that I ran into was not being able to close spaces because there was no way to get in with the scissors to get out the middle (big problem with making letters...). How do you get around this? I'll post pictures soon.
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what does it say pointing to the bottom?<br />
Center.<br />
&nbsp;This was not only a cool project but you did a good job of explaining it!
ok this is totally cool, this is day two of snowflake search and i bumped up on this site, SWEEET! I made joy and it was noticable when i pointed it out. Yay for me big accomplishment. Totally excited about this site and great instructions.
Ok, master plan:<br /> it is the 23rd<br /> i am going to make six<br /> and put them on a board<br /> and they will each have one word<br /> and it will end out saying<br /> &quot;mom brings joy to the world&quot;<br /> now to get to work<br /> fortunatly i have already made a bunch of my own<br /> so i am in practice
&nbsp;For more an paper snowflakes, visit <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> -- I made a thousand four-point style snowflakes based on this Instructable...
Your project looks way fun. I am sincerly humbled to be have been able to help in some way. Thanks so much to the link on your blog.<br /> <br /> Merry Christmas.<br /> ~Tom
These are amazing.<br /> I would give them 6 stars if I&nbsp;could.<br />
Too kind. Glad you enjoyed it.
I know I commented on this before, but awesome job!&nbsp; I made Death, and my own version of Bug.&nbsp; Bug is not as good as yours, but it at least turned out.&nbsp; I made a few of my own, too.&nbsp; I will post some pictures if you like.
No worries, I don't think anyone will complain about comments (I know I'm greatful for the feed back). And I'd absolutely like to see your snowflakes.
Okay, I just need to get the pictures uploaded.
Too awesome<br /> Faved for sure<br />
Woah ... i remember this enstructable almost getting me fired.... i made some pretty snowflakes though... <br /> <br /> I'm pretty sure someone started a flickr group<br />
<p>I made <strong><em>SEVEN</em></strong><em>.</em> :D<br /> <br /> Thank you so much for this!</p> <p>I am going to make a ton for my family and my English Class. :D</p>
Yay! After 4 snowflakes I&nbsp;finally managed to not cut mine in half! Epic. I'm so glad I&nbsp;stumbled on this tutorial. My boss is going to hate me at the end of the day though when the office is covered in snow flakes&nbsp;
The trick there is to make one with you boss's name in it and give it to them. I usually don't get bugged after that for my art projects at work. :)
Mine is messed up :( I need start all over.... but its pretty cool ;D<br />
just want to comment make sure u have good spacing on the E... it is very hard with the outline i drew... and on that heart inside the O... i cut that just a little too far and then the entire snowflake split into four... but it was only my first try at least now i kno to do more spacing on the design... it seemed easier in my head but... its folded four times and cutting is thick and then u have so much pressure and go to far at times
Yes, the paper gets very thick.<br /> <br /> If you could only see how many failed snow flake I produced . . . monuments to learning.<br />
Yeah, But looking back, it's SCYTHE not SCATHE.
I am much more adept at scissors then spelling. :)<br />
what is the mirrored edge for and how do you make it?
it means that when you unfold the paper, you will have the same design on both sides of the mirror edge. You don't have to do anything more for the mirror edge, just follow step 2.
Good lookin' out Kawaiipeach. Thanks for answering the question in my absence.<br /> <br /> Also note that designs on the other side of the mirrored edge will be reversed, as though viewed in a mirror.<br />
Hi! These are great! Last christmas I did Love, Death and Joy.<br /> <br /> Have you got any new examples for this christmas :)<br />
I have yet to start my snowflakes this year, but am excited we're finally at this time of year.<br /> <br /> I'll try to post my new flakes to the flickr group which you can get to by clicking: <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> Also, PLEASE post your own snowflakes too!<br />
I wanted to say Thank You! to everyone who has checked out, commented on, or rated this instructable. You all are fabulous. Please forgive my lack of replies as I have been very busy and at times without an internet connection.<br /> <br /> Again, thank you.<br />
i love your designs!!!! Thanks for the steps about how to fold the paper, I've always tried but failed! :)&nbsp;
WOW!! This is so awesome I'm 5*ing it and FAVing it!~<br/><br/><sub>Another reason Is because I wanna come back to it... My paper holding hand might be fractured :S</sub><br/>
hi there i have a qustion for u... im doing a project at school with paper snowflakes and i need to know some info for it do u by any chance know who started the hole paper snow flake makeing and how they came up with it if u could comment me back or message me and let me know if u could help me i would apresheat that have a wonderful day thank you
I'm not sure...
hi there ummm i have a quick qustion for u... im doing a project in school and i need to know some info on paper snowflake makeing and i cant seem to find it i need to know who started the hole paper snowflake thing and how they got the idea if u can message or comment me back letting me know if u can help me out i would apresheat it plz and thank you... have a good day
I think the fish looks really cool!
So, basically, you fold the paper twice, so that it's like a smaller version of the original paper, and then you fold it as if you were making a square out of it?
wow very thing before the unfolding... im glad u said to make sure to unfold carefully... very nice turn out i like this one the most =D<br/>
WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thats amazing i didnt c that in there at all great job (probably because it was somewhat small in the picture at first but that really amazed me)
If you haven't been to the flickr link above, I think you should if you want some fantastic ideas. No two snowflakes are alike.
that looks great!
I'm going to make a snowflake tomorrow :) Yay for winter and snow!!

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