Step 2: Fold (AKA Hamburgers and Hotdogs)

When I was in school we developed a specific way of describing how to fold a paper in half. You had two basic methods: Hamburger and Hotdog. Hamburger producing a short fat fold and hotdog producing a long skinny fold. For this project we'll be using to hamburger folds and an angle. Three folds, that's it.

Fold One:
Fold the paper in half hamburger style. The paper should go from being 11in by 8-1/2in to being 8-1/2in by 5-1/2in.

Fold Two:
Fold the paper in half hamburger style again. In this fold you will bring all four corners of the paper together. The Paper should go from being 8-1/2in by 5-1/2in to 5-1/2in by 4-1/4in.

Fold Three:
Fold the paper into sort of a triangle by bringing the folded edges of the paper together. The pointy (45deg corner) should have nothing but folded edges.

Note on folding: These folds should be made carefully, but do not need to be perfect. More important is that they are crisp. Be sure to run your thumbnail or pen along each fold to get it nice and tight. Also, I don't know why it is, but folding paper is one of the most difficult things to describe with words. If after reading this and looking at the sequential photos below you still have difficulties, post them in the comments please.
I found that using a spray starch on whie coffee filters works best. Iron the filters dry and crisp before you fold them. You can also iron the folds in for extremely detailed designs.....but you will need to iron them out after the flake is cut. This is the way I have created public holiday displays... With hundreds of paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.
So, basically, you fold the paper twice, so that it's like a smaller version of the original paper, and then you fold it as if you were making a square out of it?
coolboy456 years ago
yeah not confusing at all
MorganCrane6 years ago
You do a very good job explaining how to fold the paper. :)