Picture of Paper Stomp Jets
paperjets 052.JPG
These are paper jets that fly off of a launcher.

Step 1: The launcher

Picture of The launcher
paperjets 064.JPG
paperjets 066.JPG
paperjets 065.JPG
paperjets 063.JPG
The launcher is made from 1/2" PVC. You will need the following fittings, along with some used 2-liter bottles:
  • One 1/2" four-way fitting (all fittings are of the slip variety)
  • Two 1/2" end caps
  • One 1" coupling
  • One 1" by 1/2" bushing
  • One 1/2" 45-degree elbow
The assembly is exactly the same as what I have posted for the stomp rockets, except for the change to the 45-degree elbow. Please see that instructable for additional details on building a launcher.
this is cool i am going to try it this summer
Is there a reason you didn't make the wings one piece?
billhorvath4 years ago
This would work well with Make's Compressed Air Rocket Launcher: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKRS1
seamster (author)  billhorvath4 years ago
Yes it would. I did compressed air rockets in scouts as a kid, and this project was partly inspired by those.
bgepp14 years ago
this is really cool! I love that video. I am sure you were the hero on the block that day! Nice work.

actimm4 years ago
As, in your own words, the rudder doesn't do much, you could simply make the rear wing slightly larger and put about a 30 degree bend in it. This would still give you a certain amount of directional stability and keep you from stressing about trying to tweak the rudder about.
seamster (author)  actimm4 years ago
Definitely, a v-tail would simplify the build even more. Good tip!
Delo974 years ago
This is a GREAT idea! I don't think I'll build the base, because that would be expensive, but the jet/glider is REALLY good, and I'll be probably make some of them out of cereal boxes and wood sticks using your template, and launch them by hand.
chrispix Delo974 years ago
The parts for the launcher should cost less than $10 at Home Depot.
magifarm4 years ago
Yay for Daddy! Your kids must have lots of fun!
rimar20004 years ago
Very nice design!
splazem4 years ago
This is awesome!
What would the range be?
seamster (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer4 years ago
I made one do barrel rolls that flew straight for about 100 feet. It's one of the clips in the video I think.
earlyflyer4 years ago
I'm stopping at the hardware store for some PVC pipe on the way home today!

Great idea and nicely prepared Instructable.

These look awesome! What a great idea!
PKM4 years ago
At the risk of complicating and adding expense to a brilliantly simple, cheap project, there are some surprisingly small and cheap "spy cameras" around which might make a great addition to these planes.

With or without, though, they look like great fun and I wish I'd had something like this around when I was little!
ynze4 years ago
Pretty cool! We're gonna have lots of fun this summer :)