Paper Strip Bowl With Old Waste Paper


Introduction: Paper Strip Bowl With Old Waste Paper

About: It takes lot to be a creator and it take even more to reach all of you guys. I am an hobby stuff creator, life hacker and sometimes i do copy others;) Because good artist copy;)

Do you want something which keeps and organize your stuffs and have fun with it? Do you want to amuse yourself by doing simple thing by using old waste paper?
Well, I love doing fun things always which i could not do in my childhood days. I would not hesitate sharing those stuffs with you guys.

Lets make paper coil bowl with lid. This paper bowl can hold a small house hold items. Paper bowls are essential home made handicrafts traditionally. Experience the joy of doing it yourself(DIY)...

Step 1: Watch the Video

Since steps are so very simple, I would request you to Watch video now.

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