[DOES NOT REALLY WORK THAT WELL] Paper Tack Shooter (step by step)

Picture of [DOES NOT REALLY WORK THAT WELL] Paper Tack Shooter (step by step)
In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to build a paper tube that shoots tacks out of it, and learn how to modify the tacks to make them fly well!

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Step 1: Materials for Shooter

Picture of Materials for Shooter
You'll need about 3 sheets of paper, a large rubber band, a tack (optional), a small paper clip, TONS of tape, and  a pencil. (not really.)

Step 2: The Middle Tube Thingamabob

Picture of The Middle Tube Thingamabob
First, roll up the first piece of paper horizontally*, then tape with tape.

*It helps if you fold it to start.

Step 3: The Stuffing

Picture of The Stuffing
Take the middle tube thingamabob, and select one end of it. tape a piece of tape, and crumple it up. Stuff it into the middle tube thingamabob. After that, take another piece of tape, and stick it on the end of the middle tube thingamabob, and then stick the ends onto the sides.

Step 4: Cutting the MTT, and Rolling the Large Tube Thingamabob

Picture of Cutting the MTT, and Rolling the Large Tube Thingamabob
First, Cut about half an inch of of the MTT*. Then, using another piece of paper, roll it around the MTT until you come to the end. This creates the outer tube thingamabob. (OTT) Loosen the OTT a teeny- weeny bit just so the MTT can slide through the OTT with ease. Tape the OTT with tons of tape.


Step 5: Reinforcing the OTT

Picture of Reinforcing the OTT
First of all, take the MTT out of the OTT, then take another sheet of paper and tape it to the OTT as shown. Roll it up, and tape it.
I can't shoot this thing at fungi? Come on, live a little haha. This could be fun to shoot at a board covered in inflated water balloons like you see at carnivals.
A very fun (though maybe dangerous) first Instructable!
seawee65 (author)  sherrycayheyhey2 years ago
Fine, you can shoot it at fungi... :) but no bacteria!