Picture of [DOES NOT REALLY WORK THAT WELL] Paper Tack Shooter (step by step)
In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to build a paper tube that shoots tacks out of it, and learn how to modify the tacks to make them fly well!


Step 1: Materials for Shooter

Picture of Materials for Shooter
You'll need about 3 sheets of paper, a large rubber band, a tack (optional), a small paper clip, TONS of tape, and  a pencil. (not really.)
I can't shoot this thing at fungi? Come on, live a little haha. This could be fun to shoot at a board covered in inflated water balloons like you see at carnivals.
A very fun (though maybe dangerous) first Instructable!
seawee65 (author)  sherrycayheyhey3 years ago
Fine, you can shoot it at fungi... :) but no bacteria!