This is an instructable on hw to make an origami tank

(do every thing on both sides)
This is weird like no instructions st all i am so stuck
Really cool but i got lost after step 7 :(
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-A-Origami-Paper-Tank/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-A-Orig...</a></p><p>check that out</p>
&nbsp;due, how do you make this? i cant keep up, do you have a slow step by step picture one?
Is that sarcasm?
this is easy, its actually a very common and basic tank<br />
u should write in ur next 1 this didnt help at all :( <br>
<br>thank you .<br>it&quot;s amazing!!!!
search on youtube
&nbsp;Simple and awesome. Good 'ible man!
Is the paper square or rectangular? What is it's size? Nice instructable, though.
its rectangular just so you know
Thanks - I was wondering why it wasn't working...
i'm not good with crafts but i will figure it out som time
man this is awesome dude
going to fast
this is hard for me but I guarantee it will be awesome to mess with in the end
thx for the comments this is my first instructables
i will be putting another instructable on mods for it such as a real working paper missile launcher minigun on top and rear guns all of my fav. things :)
this is pretty sweet.
This should go as an instructable.

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