Picture of Paper Throwing Stars
Easy-to-make yet sturdy paper throwing-stars for fun around the office.

Step 1: Collect materials & Cut to size

Picture of Collect materials & Cut to size
For this project, you will need any sort of paper. In the pictures, I used standard 8.5x11" paper. Scissors are handy, but they are not completely necessary.

First, we need to cut the paper into a square (if you already know how to do this, skip to step 2.) To do this, fold diagonally so to adjacent sides line up. There should a rectangle on one side. Cut it off, unfold the paper, and you will be left with a square.

Step 2: Make the basic shapes

Picture of Make the basic shapes
Fold the paper in half, unfold it, and cut along the line. Position the two halves one above the other.

Fold each half toward eachother.

Fold the top piece's top-right corner and the bottom piece's bottom-left corner down. Then, fold the top piece's top-left corner and the bottom piece's lower-right corner up.

Step 3: Finish both pieces

Picture of Finish both pieces
For now, we will put aside the bottom piece. Take the top piece's upper-left point and fold it down. Next, take that same point and bring it behind to the left. To finish the bottom piece, do the same thing except mirrored. Refer to the pictures here, as it is tricky to understand in words.

Step 4: Combining the two pieces

Picture of Combining the two pieces
Flip over the bottom piece and align it over the other piece as shown in the picture. Fold the far left & far right corners in, crease the fold, and then tuck them into the other piece.

Turn over the semi-assembled product. Fold the tips in, crease, and then tuck them into the remaining slots.

You will be left with a strong throwing star. The tips come out very sharp, although they weaken with each hit.

There are many different methods to throwing these. You can throw it like a Frisbee, a playing card, etc.

**NOTE: I strongly recommend not to throw these towards people or animals, as the tips could easily cause eye damage, as well as many other injuries.**
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Plo Koon3 years ago
what the huh?
weberf5 years ago
AWESOME! I love terrorizing my sisters with these!
Neighbours cats are best. :D
mweglarz4 years ago
Once you get the hang of the steps... it is very very easy to make.
no idea how 2 do the 2nd step
did you cut it in half?
You use scissors.
Beagleman803 years ago

Very helpful.
I threw the Ninja Star at a huntsman in our school classroom, in the computer room.
It fell off. >.<
Riven1046 years ago
hi im a taco from outerspace
you too?
that's just how i roll-- nice and easy.
thats how i roll... loljks im a square -_____-
Oh good, i thought i was the only one. :D


machop2006 years ago
first bit easy second not so easy thats were im stumped
maxspring5 years ago
Thanks man these help so much i used to know how to make them then i saw some friends making them recently and i wanted to remember how looked it up found your instructions which really helped THANKS!!!
i dont get it
blakedrake4 years ago
This thing is so hard to make!!!
it is easier than it looks trust me
nerdboi125 years ago
step 3 is wierd n the pic dont make that much sense
md'andrea4 years ago
fun to throw at brother and sister
blakedrake4 years ago
this looks so hard to make
novakfor35 years ago
Amazing Instructable, I made one easily with no trouble at all today. Thanks!
i read it its not that good sorry man
butthead957 years ago
use construction paper much stronger
that name is ugly
narnanar1235 years ago
i made 1 an it was a bit tricky but i got the hang of it if anyone has made 1 and it keeps un folding i would reckomend using sellotape to stick it down
tgirl015 years ago
thx i got it!!!! it was easy
novakfor35 years ago
How does this make no sense? Look at the pictures carefully. I had no trouble at all.
duecez425 years ago
the picures are blurry i dont get it man it is so confusing
Sly_Gal5 years ago
lol I didn't look at the other pics and stapled it in four places to hold it together. It works quite well
superhornt6 years ago
it too light, can't thro it properly
This is one of the better paper throwingstar instructables (there is 5 that i have seen) Iv made these out of 5 gum wrapper,Post it notes,Cardboard,paper,math test's :3 Just look carefully its Actually really easy.
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