Easy-to-make yet sturdy paper throwing-stars for fun around the office.
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Step 1: Collect materials & Cut to size

For this project, you will need any sort of paper. In the pictures, I used standard 8.5x11" paper. Scissors are handy, but they are not completely necessary.

First, we need to cut the paper into a square (if you already know how to do this, skip to step 2.) To do this, fold diagonally so to adjacent sides line up. There should a rectangle on one side. Cut it off, unfold the paper, and you will be left with a square.

Step 2: Make the basic shapes

Fold the paper in half, unfold it, and cut along the line. Position the two halves one above the other.

Fold each half toward eachother.

Fold the top piece's top-right corner and the bottom piece's bottom-left corner down. Then, fold the top piece's top-left corner and the bottom piece's lower-right corner up.

Step 4: Combining the two pieces

Flip over the bottom piece and align it over the other piece as shown in the picture. Fold the far left & far right corners in, crease the fold, and then tuck them into the other piece.

Turn over the semi-assembled product. Fold the tips in, crease, and then tuck them into the remaining slots.

You will be left with a strong throwing star. The tips come out very sharp, although they weaken with each hit.

There are many different methods to throwing these. You can throw it like a Frisbee, a playing card, etc.

**NOTE: I strongly recommend not to throw these towards people or animals, as the tips could easily cause eye damage, as well as many other injuries.**
Plo Koon2 years ago
what the huh?
weberf5 years ago
AWESOME! I love terrorizing my sisters with these!
Neighbours cats are best. :D
mweglarz3 years ago
Once you get the hang of the steps... it is very very easy to make.
no idea how 2 do the 2nd step
did you cut it in half?
You use scissors.
Beagleman802 years ago

Very helpful.
I threw the Ninja Star at a huntsman in our school classroom, in the computer room.
It fell off. >.<
Riven1045 years ago
hi im a taco from outerspace
you too?
that's just how i roll-- nice and easy.
thats how i roll... loljks im a square -_____-
Oh good, i thought i was the only one. :D


machop2005 years ago
first bit easy second not so easy thats were im stumped
maxspring5 years ago
Thanks man these help so much i used to know how to make them then i saw some friends making them recently and i wanted to remember how looked it up found your instructions which really helped THANKS!!!
i dont get it
blakedrake4 years ago
This thing is so hard to make!!!
it is easier than it looks trust me
nerdboi125 years ago
step 3 is wierd n the pic dont make that much sense
md'andrea3 years ago
fun to throw at brother and sister
blakedrake4 years ago
this looks so hard to make
novakfor35 years ago
Amazing Instructable, I made one easily with no trouble at all today. Thanks!
i read it its not that good sorry man
butthead956 years ago
use construction paper much stronger
that name is ugly
narnanar1234 years ago
i made 1 an it was a bit tricky but i got the hang of it if anyone has made 1 and it keeps un folding i would reckomend using sellotape to stick it down
tgirl015 years ago
thx i got it!!!! it was easy
novakfor35 years ago
How does this make no sense? Look at the pictures carefully. I had no trouble at all.
duecez425 years ago
the picures are blurry i dont get it man it is so confusing
Sly_Gal5 years ago
lol I didn't look at the other pics and stapled it in four places to hold it together. It works quite well
superhornt5 years ago
it too light, can't thro it properly
This is one of the better paper throwingstar instructables (there is 5 that i have seen) Iv made these out of 5 gum wrapper,Post it notes,Cardboard,paper,math test's :3 Just look carefully its Actually really easy.
offie1235 years ago
Some ppl are so mean... I thought that i was very helpful some ppl just don't understand paper hehe
phil097 years ago
i did not think it was that detailed, in other words it stunk.
jazman phil097 years ago
i agree with u. i can't do it:( show more pic at the end.. its RUBISH!!!!!!
AliAlex jazman5 years ago
I managed to do it...
Rubbish you mean. Spell it correctly if you intend to insult it.
dannyboy2k77 years ago
how the hell do you make the final piece?!!?
yah, it makes almost no sence!
storm7685 years ago
The_Roadie5 years ago
I slipped some pennies into the tips. This makes for more stable flight characteristics.(I'm a nerd) C.Y.A. Warning!: I cannot be held accountable if you use this idea for evil. (Don't throw it at living creatures, use at own risk/responsablity)
nerd ehh...I believe a nerd could spell responsibility
The_Roadie5 years ago
I figured it out. It could be clearer at the end. Just use trial and error.
SpaceDucky6 years ago
very pointless, the end was very poorly explained. a waste of my time. :( I was really excited at the beginning too. please update with further instruction.
geeklord6 years ago
Ooooohhhh, there customizable
geeklord6 years ago
im at school right now making one in studyhall :D
The end part took me a little to figure it out. It helps if you try doing it and look at the pictures.
Ethelon6 years ago
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dannyboy2k77 years ago
the picstures dont make it any easier either
dannyboy2k77 years ago
absolutely no sense at all there
Totally sweeeet
this is a great instructable, but don't -what ever you do- click on the ' how to throw them best' link it goes to a satanic website you've been warned
i love ninja's so this is a fun one
Ph3nomin0n7 years ago
ihaveabumbum get out of here with that garbage
dezire7 years ago
Wow! Thanks! It rocks, it's really useful when you are bored,have nothing to do, or just wanna have fun! 10/10
llondon7 years ago
lol i made it but im gonna have trouble remembering the steps for future reference
RChainMail7 years ago
thank you i thought it was pretty good much better than the videos
Carmelite8 years ago
I made one out of tinfoil. I am obsessed with tinfoil. MY FINGER GOT CUT!!!. I have a band-aid over my finger. It digs deep into those foam blocks.
works best with pop can
hey how do you make them out of pop cans
use something to cut out a rectangle out of the side of the pop can then follow the steps for the paper one. if u want it bigger just use 2 pop cans
You stole my idea... I was just about to do this!!
that is cool but to make it more accurate and faster/harder/farther use duct tape and get every ince of it and if you do it correctly it works great!!
wii3617 years ago
is eny i1 here
wii3617 years ago
yhis ie easy
(removed by author or community request)
I know really how the he!! do you get stuck on step three that's the easiest part.
crap.. That sounds like me.. The kid who keeps on making shuriken...
(removed by author or community request)
Neon Green7 years ago
Hey, anybody know any other designs that are better. If so where can you find it
jackfr0st8 years ago
mine turn out weird/puffy/flaps on sides... any help?
Make sure to make nice tight creases. Also try to fold as perfect as you can
DIRTYSHOTZZ8 years ago
i just made 1 but i screwed up step 3 and made my own version it looks the same but it can fly over 50fps
o.k., how?
oh, right, you lied
Yeah right.
Thats fricking bs
i dont get step no:3
Loveofchaos7 years ago
i just made one, while looking at the pictures it only took 5 mins and im sure i could copy it in about 2. if you are stuck i recommend looking at the pictures, the slots are on both sides. have fun and good luck, time to go brother hunting lol
The last step is very unclear!!!I am stuck. Please add a video of the last step, or more pictures!
dude its hard at 1st (took me 6 monthes of free time(16 hours a day)but you put the backs together, flip over the wings on one side(with slit) and fold it into the slit the repeat with second one then repeat on other wings
caseyjonez7 years ago
last step took me about 20 min, tell my how tape could be optionable
and the prize for unclarity goes to...
jiddy123218 years ago
how do you throw them
i are a silly bum bum

that was PERFECT instuctions

(again for clarity:

though at the end, I HIGHLY recomend getting a basic roll of duct tape, cutting off small pieces (so that the amount you cut from top to bottom of the roll is horter then side to side), then carefully taping it so that its only partly stuck, horizontally, with the left side matching up with the top of the shuriken in the first, "completed" picture.

do this for all of them, then again on the other side (be careful on the other side, since it's mirrored).

if your a stickeler for perfection, like me, then cut of very small pieces, trim them, then apply to edges (main body of shuriken, below the slightly tilted "blades"), to make the apearence complete).

also, make sure the "blades" are covered competely (on edge side), so that they wont dent too much on impact.

I found the tape made it perfectly weighted for throwing.

if ur confused about this at al, refer to my profile for contact info.
phil097 years ago
madass2 is right it sucks.
pmac938 years ago
hey I made like 10 of these and got bored so i made a mini one - check it out
Madass28 years ago
this makes no F@#$ing sense
(removed by author or community request)
I agree, here is a link that shows how to make the same things, but is easier to follow.
pincon68 years ago
I figured out step 3 if ur reading this thing is awesome thanks for the instructions
pincon68 years ago
Hey, seems pretty cool but, I got confused on step three so if anyone knows a simpler way to explain it or send in a video of how to do it I'd appreciate it. Anyway im goona keep trying anyway
Bad Donut8 years ago
My brain cant handle the intence origami!
ALL I CAN SAY IS THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!But be very careful around TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!Well, buy yours buy yours buy yours today!!!!!!!!!
timator68 years ago
those things are the funnes expecially if you coat it in your favorite color of Duct Tape!!! Don't throw at faces!!!!!!
see? you CAN fold them outta paper...just that my friend dint teach me back then...but u now see my point...even more environmentally friendly...and much safer...o and...reduces risks of getting u fired in the officer cuz the boss noticed that u were throwing real solid ninja stars on a board with his face on he noticed the holes too..with these, no marks, no holes...he'll definately think that u were worshipping him. =P
SyBerWoLff8 years ago
Awesome Design! Try adding some paperclips and tape for extra pain XD
iman8 years ago
much safer than those razor throwing stars lol
Williz8 years ago
These are amazing. Ill try them out at school tommorow.
mrbob10008 years ago
use some thick cardstock and you can have more durable ones
spinach_dip8 years ago
Ah, memories of high school :) Teachers everywhere will haet you.
spinach_dip8 years ago
Ah, memories of high school :) Teachers everywhere will hat you.