Step 4: Combining the two pieces

Picture of Combining the two pieces
Flip over the bottom piece and align it over the other piece as shown in the picture. Fold the far left & far right corners in, crease the fold, and then tuck them into the other piece.

Turn over the semi-assembled product. Fold the tips in, crease, and then tuck them into the remaining slots.

You will be left with a strong throwing star. The tips come out very sharp, although they weaken with each hit.

There are many different methods to throwing these. You can throw it like a Frisbee, a playing card, etc.

**NOTE: I strongly recommend not to throw these towards people or animals, as the tips could easily cause eye damage, as well as many other injuries.**
Plo Koon3 years ago
what the huh?
novakfor35 years ago
Amazing Instructable, I made one easily with no trouble at all today. Thanks!
i read it its not that good sorry man
Riven1046 years ago
hi im a taco from outerspace


narnanar1235 years ago
i made 1 an it was a bit tricky but i got the hang of it if anyone has made 1 and it keeps un folding i would reckomend using sellotape to stick it down
duecez425 years ago
the picures are blurry i dont get it man it is so confusing
Sly_Gal6 years ago
lol I didn't look at the other pics and stapled it in four places to hold it together. It works quite well
superhornt6 years ago
it too light, can't thro it properly
phil098 years ago
i did not think it was that detailed, in other words it stunk.
jazman phil098 years ago
i agree with u. i can't do it:( show more pic at the end.. its RUBISH!!!!!!
AliAlex jazman6 years ago
I managed to do it...
dannyboy2k77 years ago
how the hell do you make the final piece?!!?
yah, it makes almost no sence!
storm7686 years ago
The_Roadie6 years ago
I slipped some pennies into the tips. This makes for more stable flight characteristics.(I'm a nerd) C.Y.A. Warning!: I cannot be held accountable if you use this idea for evil. (Don't throw it at living creatures, use at own risk/responsablity)
The_Roadie6 years ago
I figured it out. It could be clearer at the end. Just use trial and error.
SpaceDucky6 years ago
very pointless, the end was very poorly explained. a waste of my time. :( I was really excited at the beginning too. please update with further instruction.
The end part took me a little to figure it out. It helps if you try doing it and look at the pictures.
butthead957 years ago
use construction paper much stronger
i love ninja's so this is a fun one
RChainMail7 years ago
thank you i thought it was pretty good much better than the videos