Paper Transformer (Movie Bumblebee)





Introduction: Paper Transformer (Movie Bumblebee)

This is the first paper transformer I made and I no it doesn't look much like the real thing but I am working on a better version.

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    teach me how to make it

    teach me how to make it

    If possible, can you please please please teach me on how to do this? i want to make it for my brother's birthday, he loves Transformers so so so much~

    please let me know, thank you very very much~

    Umm its been a very long time since I've done this. It's like making a bunch of cube shapes with tabs on them so that you can glue the side together. You leave holes in some of them so that the arms and legs can slide in and out.

    thank you very very much~ i wish i can make one too :D

    Thank you very very much, Bongmaster is very helpful and kind :D

    Thanks Bongmaster. Have you checked out my own design of Optimus. Its here on Instructables, I think you'd like it a lot.

    how do you make this transformer?