Paper Trees





Introduction: Paper Trees

These gorgeous trees are easy to make, but look like they took you hours! Easy-peasy holiday decor in minutes.

Step 1: What You Need...



Trimmer (optional) - to trim your paper into squares.

The smallest square I've used is 4"x4" and the largest is 12"x12".

Step 2: Fold Your Square...

Fold your square four times:

1. In half, vertically

2. Diagonally

3. In half, horizontally

4. Diagonally

Your paper should then start to look more like a tent when placed on the table.

Step 3: Fold to a Triangle...

Pop your square up into a "tent". Fold two opposite sides inwards, gently bringing your paper to a triangle. Crease all your folds.

Step 4: Shape the Tree - Step One

Your triangle should have four points (two per side). Fold each point into the center fold line and crease. Flip over and do the same on the other side.

Step 5: Shape the Tree - Step Two

This part gets a little tricky, but now you're going to fold each triangle in on itself (similar to the first step where you folded the "tent" in to created a triangle).

1. Chose a triangle and open it up.

2. Lay the opened triangle flat over the opposite side.

3. Bring back over to the side you started at by folding in half.

4. Repeat on remaining three triangles.

Step 6: Trim the Tree...

Cut the bottom tails off to form your tree.

Step 7: Cut Your "branches"...

With your scissors, cut your "branches" down each side of your tree. There is no exact measurement with this and how many you cut depends on the size square you started out with.

For this tutorial, I started with a 6"x6" square and cut 6 slits down each side. You will cut through all four layers of paper per side. Don't cut too close to the top, or into the middle of the tree.

Step 8: Give Your Tree Dimension...

1. Separate your sides from each other (there should be four per side of the tree).

2. Start gently bending/folding each branch into the center. I didn't crease these flat, but this is matter of preference.

3. Continue bending/folding each branch from bottom to top, on all pieces of your tree (you should have 8).

4. Once you're finished bending/folding, gently shape your tree. You're done!

Since I use double-sided paper, I thought it was shameful not to showcase the other side (as you'll see on the biggest tree in the opening picture). To accomplish this, I cut a sliver off down each triangle and then bent my "branches" as explained above, making sure to show the opposite side of my paper.



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I have a little trouble with Step 5, but once I'm over that bump in the road, it was really easy

My husband cut down some bamboo to use as a tree. This will help.

I had so much fun making one of these, I made a whole garland for my christmas tree, when the tree is up I will take a picture of the garland on it… I put a small hook on the top and will hand them from a string of 'speciality' lights that are stars, so there will be a star and then a tree, a star, a tree.. etc. I am so excited. I did enough in one evening for the whole string. My neighbor, who is having her first real Christmas in 6 years has even started making them (and she's not 'crafty' at all) but they description was so good that she was able to follow it and make them excellently. THANK YOU for a a great NEW treat for Christmas

Putting lights inside

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the tutorial and nothing makes me happier then to inspire "non crafty" people! ;) I'd love to see what your garland looks like...

awesome, I'll try this for next Christmas or there abouts :)

I'm loving all the feedback & the alterations people are making. Using Christmas wrap is a great idea too! I've tried all the new ideas and can't stop making them - each one is unique. :)

So simple and looks great! Tnx for sharing!

I think this project is amazing... I made mine from old Christmas wrappers... ??❄⛄


I like jeanniel1's idea of the curving branches. Will have to try that next time!

Thanks to all for sharing.