I've been knocking this idea around in my head to make these wall-mountable light boxes, but I guess I needed a boring summer to convince to me do it. With these materials, it actually makes two sets of three or you could make a long six light set. I wanted to make a lamp with a soft glow as well as a wall fixture that is attractive even when the light is off. This is a very easy design with simple, everyday materials. I used what I had laying around the house but this could definitely be made with more sturdy materials.

Step 1: Materials

1. Paper ( I used sketchbook paper because it was sturdy and it let enough light through. Rice paper or maybe natural fiber paper would also look good here.)
-sketchbook paper (18 x 12) 10 sheets
-one piece of black core foamboard (30 x 20)

2. Lights (I had two sets of white led rope lights about 9 or 10 ft. long left over from a xmas sale. As far as lights go here, you can use what you want but they need to have low watts because of the obvious fire hazard.)
- two sets of led rope lights

3. Tools
-Box cutter
-glue (Elmer's is fine)
-mounting screws and wire
-measuring tape
-hot glue gun or household cement (for gluing the foamboard)
-plastic zip ties
I have an idea; you could lacquer some stiff paper and make one which can take regular incandescent lights (15W or smaller).
<p>Hm, that doesn't sound like a very bad idea actually</p>
Love it!
please add video to know better<br /> <br />
Very cool.
<p>Totally atractive. Something I'd show or make my friends ;) Thanks!<br /> &nbsp;</p>
that looks absolutely beautiful mann... great job!!
I've seen luminaries in old magazines made from varnished paper bags. If you coat paper with clear Varithane- they have water based now- will the paper be sturdier? Safe? What about using canvas,muslin, or cotton duck instead of paper?
Yes, I must make this immediately..it's adorable and doesn't seem overly bright, so it's great for an accent piece. Also, plus side.. I have most of the materials already, heh! Great work on this. :D
Love the idea
i love it but i will have to try to make the light boxes a little less complicated. i might also use a single led light, i'm not sure how exactly, instead of all the tubing from the rope lights. i love foam core and this is a brilliant use for it.
This is really awesome. It would look really great if took some wood and made a frame for for the paper, that way it had a japanese style to it. Kind of like a shoiji lamp you know? When I get around to making this, I'll make it with frames anf show you a pic of it. Great idea.
and you could use Japanese print or characters on t3h paper
this is great!
Would love to see you add this to my new group.<br/>Hope to see you there.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/fixit/">Home Repair, Refurbishment, and New Projects</a><br/>
What will you do when Donald Judd's lawyers come a-callin?
This is way to complicated for Donald Judd. Most significantly, it has a function as a lamp. This is the conceptual antithesis of Donald Judd, even if it does superficially look like some of his sculptures.
Whoops! I forgot to add the following tags: <tongueincheek> </tongueincheek> Take it easy there, fella.
Won't this get very very very hot?
Naedhi uses LED rope lights, so no. Low wattage compact fluorescents would work nicely too.
if you were to use wood instead of foam core you could make this into a bookshelf/lamp conglomoration
thats a good idea
This is a very stylish lamp, quite 80s retro (so it won't go in my house!). If you had a ready supply of lights to go inside you could almost go into production!<br/><br/>One small niggle: the rope light is hanging out of the bottom - wouldn't end-pieces to the foamboard box make it much tidier?<br/><br/>One large niggle: step two is very confusing. I worked it out from the photos, but the text wasn't much help. That step <em>need</em> a re-write, especially when you consider how many members have English as a second language.<br/>
Thanks for the comments! I completely edited step two and added some more drawings to clarify. The light hanging out the bottom is because a zip tie snapped and it fell out through the bottom. The other one is fine, but I thought that this picture looked better. I'm fixing it as soon as I can find another zip tie ;-P

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