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For a high quality, eco-friendly, and expandable paper wallet that will last you years check out the Tyvek wallet from PAPERWALLET.

To create your own paper wallet from a normal piece of paper follow these instructions: 

One sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper folded, with minimal cutting, and one piece of tape = durable, seamless, useable, write-onable, minimalist wallet.

Step 1: Hamburger Fold Squared

Picture of Hamburger Fold Squared

neatly fold the 8.5"x11" sheet of paper in half (to look like a hamburger shape as opposed to a skinny hot dog fold). open it, and fold the two flaps into the middle, so it is split in 4 (second picture).

Step 2: Fold in 1/2 and Then Crease

Picture of Fold in 1/2 and Then Crease

now fold the paper in 1/2 perpendicular to the other folds and crease from the folds you just made. notice how it has a natural tendency to stay closed, this is the basic wallet shape. now unfold.

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut

Cut along the black lines (viewed from the inside) please note picture comments.

Step 4: Fold Flaps

Picture of Fold Flaps

fold the 2nd and 4th flaps from the top inside on either side.

Step 5: Tape

Picture of Tape

tape the lower cut (not the diamond) so both sides are flush, your paper will not be flat anymore.

NOTE: this step can be done after step 7, it will be harder, but the wallet will lay flatter and be more square.

you can also put a small piece of tape at the top of the diamond (on the 2nd panel down)
as this is now the wallets weakest point

now refold, like in step 2

Step 6: Crease Again

Picture of Crease Again

neatly crease the wallet starting from the back to the edges. 2 flaps should be sticking out of each end of the wallet.

Step 7: Zipper Folding

Picture of Zipper Folding

I finally figured out an easy way to explain this

you will lock both ends separately.

starting from the inside, and going to the outside, there will be a flap, then a pocket, then another flap, and another pocket. We'll call these 1,2,3,4 respectively. Fold the inner flap (3) into the inner pocket (2), then fold the outer flap (1) over 2 and 3, and into the outer pocket (4).

do the same to the other end.

i would suggest taping flap 3 inside the pocket to hold the wallet together better.

Step 8: Wow, You're Done Already!

Picture of Wow, You're Done Already!

this wallet should easily hold tons of cash, 4 easily accessible credit cards, and 2-4 more locked credit cards

the outside (edge) credit card slot has a flap you tucked in. unfold this flap, put cards in, refold flap, and they should be locked in, you can now put another card in this pocket.

this wallet is very durable due to its construction, but feel free to use tyveck or other materials if you have them.

any questions/improvements/praises PLEASE COMMENT

it should be noted that in the real world i use something like johnsuri's 'anti-wallet'. his idea deserves more credit. i've added an extra clip and some paracord so that i can secure my things to my belt loop, and have my car keys handy. (3rd pic)
takes up less space than a wallet in your front pocket, everything is secure, and since it has my keys too, it's all i have to carry.


GildedPhoenix made it! (author)2017-07-13

Loved this project. I mae a test one out of printer paper and then a second one out of nice scrapbook paper. I took MtbGrrli's advice and trimmed to corners of the flaps. It made the easier to fold in.

I added Washi tape to the inside along the bottom and where the white paper shows behind the cards. The extra embellishment makes a huge difference in the final product!

SeanM246 (author)2017-05-29

This is a great instructable. I have made a few wallets from paper and Tyvek using these instructions. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of a Tyvek wallet that I have been using every day since I made it. It's a little soft and dirty, so today I'm going to make a replacement. I may add stitches to the ends to keep the shape more rectangular. Thanks for sharing!

jimbayes made it! (author)2017-02-13

I had a Mighty Wallet for years. The wife always hated it, and when it was well worn she bought me a leather wallet. I always hated the thick leather wallet, but what could I do?

Thank you for getting me back into a thin and functional wallet without spending money. That compromise aught to make the missus happy.


prachipatel (author)2016-11-28

i dont understand how to do steps 6 and 7. can u please help me?

GeraldP2 made it! (author)2016-10-03


domino9999 made it! (author)2016-09-14

I've made a few of these now, with minor modifications each time. So far the best version started with a USPS Tyvek envelope cut down to 8.5 x 12, to make the bill pocket deeper. I trimmed the edges of all the flaps for easier tucking, taped flap 3 down from edge to edge, and added a few inches of scrap envelope to the end of flap 1, both for security of the contents of the inner card pockets and to make the outside slot usable without the items falling out. Thanks!

Sambowam (author)2016-08-21

Cool Instructable. Had fun making it

zrevai (author)2016-08-14

I just bought a Mighty Wallet made from high grade Tyvek and it is awesome!!! I can't wait to get some blank Tyvek sheets and try making a few wallets on my own!!!

Cat00x (author)zrevai2016-08-14

if you want to go on the cheap I found a tyveck mailing envelope through one of the overnight mailing companies (FedEd, UPS), and cut that up to make one...

AlexanderS56 made it! (author)2016-08-14

Very simple and inspiring! I made it without taping. Just fold a sheet and cut only that hole which must not be taped. Nice! I'll show it to my children.

ooohlaa (author)2016-08-14

such a fun project; with all the scrapbook papers around you can really make some elegant designs, stocking stuffers for the holidays, etc. It would make a great money wallet when you are giving a cash gift to someone. I am going to make one for all the gift cards I keep in my car, currently using a fat plastic one. Could also try the Tyvek USPS envelope tyvek from mailer envelopes ... all kinds of fun and creativity. Thanx so much! Lovely presentation.

maka made it! (author)2016-08-13

Nice Instructable. Easy to follow.

Tech_Dan made it! (author)2016-07-27

Just made one with EU A4 paper, seems to fit wide but short dollar bills, but our pound sterling notes seem to be to tall to fit! I also put a few coins in one of the internal card pockets to answer a previous question.

sridharsrao (author)2016-06-27

Does it have a coin section?

TBrickman made it! (author)2016-06-16

I made this and it is great!

Fireycat made it! (author)2016-04-08

Yes! I made the wallet

AndreaP74 (author)2016-01-23

The measurements don't make much sense. It's just too small. A4 is more like it.

MtbGrrli made it! (author)2015-11-06

Great design! I'm using it for lady paper that keeps rolling around in my purse. I would suggest one mod: shave off a tiny bit of paper from the edges of the tabs to reduce bul and make it easier ti fold them into the pockets (see photo 2).

JimE14 made it! (author)2015-10-01

Good instructable, thanks! I am in Australia and I used a Size 5 Multi-use Mailer 265mm x 380mm which I got from Officeworks for $1.80. This is a heavy duty paper envelope that can be cut to size. It should prove to be quite durable. I have the printed side out. The other side is plain brown if you prefer the natural look.

DY PhOenix made it! (author)2015-08-20

its an awesome idea and i was looking for a wallet and this instructable helped me in that. I've added some extra things like a coin pocket and closing flap. sorry for poor quality photos

HaydenB6 (author)2015-08-06

it looks hard

Christian Reese (author)2015-05-20

That's cool and all, but how long can this wallet last?

I had made one of these back a number of years ago. I used thick paper stock (almost card stock) and it held up very well. Over time it got more worn in some edges, so the next one I made I put clear packing tape on the out side portions and it lasted a long time. Actually gearing up to make another one, just have to find some good thick paper.

MattJKF made it! (author)2015-07-03

Good for Dollars, not suitable for bigger Euros.
A very nice idea, also as a joke-present, but i won't sleep with my moneys inside a wallet so "unsafe".

NathanG7 (author)2015-06-21

I love this instructable it makes a great wallet however the durability sucks this is just the plain truth. I made one of these a week ago from my sweaty pocket it broke down fast. well today I was making a new one as I looked over at my roll of 3m foil tape and I got it foil is pocket proof. so before i folded it according to this instructable I took my foil tape and covered one side of the sheet of paper with it then i just followed the instrustions keeping the foil side outwards for that first fold and i got this extremely shiny great wallet. As you can see from the 6th picture it is not that much thicker than the paper only one. I will update this in a week or so to talk about durability

dissertationindia (author)2015-05-29

I bought this in a crafts exhibition long time ago but that was covered with a thin plastic inside-out. That's even cool.

nuthara (author)2015-04-22

I tried but the last step was too hard so I just gave up

JosephK6 made it! (author)2015-04-19

nice! I made it! (It's upside down pic.)

HousseinM (author)2015-03-29

I made it , it is awsome

JuampaEK made it! (author)2015-02-24

Thanks, I made it!

hilldomain (author)2015-02-22

this is not an original idea. its been done before. not a criticism but for those who are worried about copying it it would be fine or making another instructable. I have made them from A4 paper size it its just too small for Japanese yen. Also the flaps should be taped really well because the cards get caught on any un-taped paper inside the pockets. I also felt the cars could fall out too easily- the wallet is not stiff enough to

Lovevashikaran (author)2015-01-31

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BlackmagicSpt (author)2015-01-30

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ccrow3 made it! (author)2015-01-05

nice ible, neat little wallet!

HypnotismSpecialst (author)2015-01-02

nice work.

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Nice one.

MarriageLoveSpecialst (author)2015-01-02

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Superb work.

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