For a high quality, eco-friendly, and expandable paper wallet that will last you years check out the Tyvek wallet from PAPERWALLET.

To create your own paper wallet from a normal piece of paper follow these instructions: 

One sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper folded, with minimal cutting, and one piece of tape = durable, seamless, useable, write-onable, minimalist wallet.

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Step 1: Hamburger fold squared

neatly fold the 8.5"x11" sheet of paper in half (to look like a hamburger shape as opposed to a skinny hot dog fold). open it, and fold the two flaps into the middle, so it is split in 4 (second picture).

Step 2: Fold in 1/2 and then crease

now fold the paper in 1/2 perpendicular to the other folds and crease from the folds you just made. notice how it has a natural tendency to stay closed, this is the basic wallet shape. now unfold.

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut along the black lines (viewed from the inside) please note picture comments.

Step 4: Fold flaps

fold the 2nd and 4th flaps from the top inside on either side.

Step 5: Tape

tape the lower cut (not the diamond) so both sides are flush, your paper will not be flat anymore.

NOTE: this step can be done after step 7, it will be harder, but the wallet will lay flatter and be more square.

you can also put a small piece of tape at the top of the diamond (on the 2nd panel down)
as this is now the wallets weakest point

now refold, like in step 2
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useful information

AllenT115 days ago

Nice methods! It is so great for making a personal wallet by justing using a paper. I have another idea for making starbuck paper by just using their paper bag. Interesting idea as well. If you are interested, go:

GrahamAbbey29 days ago

this is ideal for excursion

BuckWilde 1 month ago

Holey moley, this is great. Simple, clean, and lots of pockets. Thank you so much!

LFA2 months ago
This is cool but I don't think it will last long.
stindler LFA1 month ago

didnt cost much either :-)

LFA stindler1 month ago
True story.
Rejanblink2 months ago

Be careful taking it out in rain though :-)

yep.. thank you

I have seen trough the comments and a lot of people are actually making it and posting their designs. A lot of creative ideas!

Cringojames2 months ago


nkohlheim2 months ago
i made a window for photos (i used this foil where you put documents in (so they stay clean)for the window.i don't know the english attached!) and some card slots :) also i would recommend that you cut the corners of the flaps! easier to assemble! awesome ible! love it ♡
KanwarSingh3 months ago

awesome stuff :)#######

QueenieCH3 months ago



Thank you~Riaa~

HarryLaine3 months ago

useful project for me thanx

indiadumbells3 months ago

absolutely awesom

fantabulous stuff

nice wrkkk

Mohawksmith5 months ago

very best art


binarybosses8 months ago

That's pretty cool. Although if you use normal paper I don't imagine it is something that is going to last for more than a few days, maybe weeks.

FlingoRice1 year ago
I added a "closing strap" while finishing the lock fold. Somehow I only ended up with two card holders but I guess that's okay because I only need my student ID and library card. ;) Great instructions that were easy to follow though.
giankapb1 year ago
I just made 2 paper wallets :) let me know what u guys think.. and which one is your favorite.. i hope u guys like them...
eswale1 year ago
Team, anyone have any recommendations as to paper type to make the wallet last? I'm planning on making some as gifts and would rather not have to cover them with tape.
I made mine out of cartoons from the newspaper and "laminated" it with packaging tape. Love the design by the way
Cartoon Wallet Closed.JPGCartoon Wallet.JPG
It's so cute! Nice idea of using packaging tape!
That's pretty sweet. I made one just tonight but made it like I make my duct tape wallets I used to do. I have a really simple way of doing it and, if you wouldn't mind, would like your permission to make an instructable on it. So what do you say?
Punyoka1 year ago
Awesome, I just made a few and finally figured the best way to me. I removed the right side of the inner card holder and replaced it with plastic also, I made a hole to the other side. I used glossy photopaper which is not the best for foldig, but I still like it.
photo 1.1.jpgphoto 2.JPG
aman1111 year ago
I made mine so it doesn't have a hole in the bottom of the money pocket, and didn't need to use tape.
nmadival1 year ago
can u pls make a video
This is awesome!
13, 6:51 PM.jpg13, 6:51 PM.jpg13, 6:51 PM.jpg13, 6:51 PM.jpg13, 6:51 PM.jpg13, 6:51 PM.jpg13, 6:51 PM.jpg
You should post a video of you making this.
Mr.Stache5 years ago
WOW                                please reply
reply with what
I don't understand the middle diamond cut. Maybe when I make it...
THANKS! I've had a folded tyvek mighty wallet that I've used for several years, and it still has a lot of life left in it. So far, I've resisted the tempatation to take it apart to see how it was made. Your step-by step illustrated guide is so clear and easy to follow. I have already made several wallets while reading thru it. Lots of possiblities for customizing with different sizes of paper too.
I agree, bowmaster... awesome! My son regularly loses his wallets ... student-thinking I guess, rush rush rush - so I casn teach him this... or try the anti-wallet idea, also brill. My own key-ring has small acrds on it, plus I always attach it by the carber-thingy to the hole in the zip inside whatever bag I am using... the number of times this has stopped me from walking away from a counter , purse dangling... (so would have left it behind had it not been attached.) I have also a small credit-card sized magnifier and another one with a small light. BRILLIANT Ible, I really love this clever idea. Both ideas.Thnaks so much.
bowmaster2 years ago
This is awesome, thank you!
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