Step 1: Hamburger fold squared

Picture of Hamburger fold squared
neatly fold the 8.5"x11" sheet of paper in half (to look like a hamburger shape as opposed to a skinny hot dog fold). open it, and fold the two flaps into the middle, so it is split in 4 (second picture).
if you fold a rectangular piece of paper in half, you should be able to tell if it's hamburger or hot dog.
wow, so nit-picky. scares me to death to do another one and i didn't realize i should have been scared to do the first!
erothman25 years ago
 suggest that if you are actually trying to instruct a lot of people, use understandable terms like 'fold in half top-to-bottom' instead of something as completely obscure as hamburger-wise.  
Yeah, how don't you know that?? I live in Canada, so it's not just just American kindergarten, to the guys below me. But, people out of kindergarten don't usually refer to it as hamburger, although I still remember learning it.
theRIAA (author)  erothman25 years ago
i think i'll keep it this way to teach people if they missed out on USA elementary school.
Well, I took elementary in Mexico... Im a graphic designer, work with paper all the time and dont understand the way you explain the folding.
how do you not know hamburger style?  thats like kindergarden stuff
benboy4445 years ago

to make this even more durable would you be able to rub the paper all over with a candle at the start, resulting in the final product being waterproof? Or is it too hard to fold when a piece of paper has been waterproofed candle-style?

Whats a hamburger fold is it old you make it sound old i dont want to be old
HiPpIeS8 years ago
sounds corny. hahahaaahhhhehehheheehheeh....