Step 8: Wow, you're done already!

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this wallet should easily hold tons of cash, 4 easily accessible credit cards, and 2-4 more locked credit cards

the outside (edge) credit card slot has a flap you tucked in. unfold this flap, put cards in, refold flap, and they should be locked in, you can now put another card in this pocket.

this wallet is very durable due to its construction, but feel free to use tyveck or other materials if you have them.

any questions/improvements/praises PLEASE COMMENT

it should be noted that in the real world i use something like johnsuri's 'anti-wallet'. his idea deserves more credit. i've added an extra clip and some paracord so that i can secure my things to my belt loop, and have my car keys handy. (3rd pic)
takes up less space than a wallet in your front pocket, everything is secure, and since it has my keys too, it's all i have to carry.
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JuampaEK made it!6 months ago

Thanks, I made it!

Picture 1.jpgPicture 2.jpg
ldarling13 years ago
I put change in the secret pockets. Plus, I made a slit instead of slit and diamond to make inside pockets hidden.
I made one out of tin foil :) thx for wallet idea this things awesome
it might be a little fragile
That is a heaping pile of awsome!
Here is my version, including a coin pocket on the outside. I am going to get some Velcro to keep the pocket closed. Also, I used duct tape instead of sticky tape for a bit more strength.
Great instructable, thanks for posting. It would be even better if there was some way of putting in a coin pocket.
skullblue324 years ago
Thank you it really is better than a real wallet BTW!!!!!!!!!
sclocher4 years ago
great job, bud, though this would be TONS more difficult, but 3 inutes, and BOOM!.... oh and BTW i love how you say "5ft paracord handy", lol.
O w l e t t5 years ago
This was a great step-by-step! After a bit of figuring I got it down just right!
Now I have a wallet that will fit in my newly made too-small purse! c:
Thank you for posting this!
zutalors5 years ago
Fantastic! If this does not become the all-time best instructable, I will be very surprised. I just made my second wallet, this time with some thick and colourful paper from a calendar. The first was made with ordinary printer paper, and it lasted 4 weeks with daily use. My next will be made with useful images printed on the external surfaces, such as copies of my ID, phone number list, métro map, pix of the grandchildren... and no more holes worn in the hip pocket by a thick leather wallet. People with artistic ability will be able to print more interesting designs, I look forward to seeing the creative ideas. Thanks for the excellent instructable.
Awesome. The flap folding part is easy once you logically think about what you're aiming for .. to close of the ends of the wallet. The new British £20 sticks out the top using A4 paper ( 8.3" x 11.7"), but that's our fault for making our money way bigger than needed! Overall, I'd definately use this on a night out or to a gig when I'll only have minimal cards on me and not want my much bulkier duct tape wallet. ..p.s. hambuger bun and hotdog bun folding is pretty obvious, even for a Welsh girl who doesn't know entirely what kindergarten is.
chanwhk8 years ago
this is kinda cool~ I made it with a piece of A4 paper but its a little too short.. i guess a F4 paper would do.
Standard paper, 8.5x11"
Standard in the US... chanwhk used A4 which is standard in EU. I made mine of a A4 too and it worked just fine, maybe you made to big flaps, it might also depend on where you live and how long your bills are. :)
A4 IS 8.5x11"
climbrocks5 years ago
Mine came out slightly different then on the picture... But I still love it!
steve-08 years ago
Cool, thank you!
I am left with a hole at the bottom. Where the cash goes. is this because I didn't tape enough?
No, the author's trying to make us all poor.
No, this is just because of the top of the diamond. if you'd like to get rid of it, you can end the diamond earlier next time, or just reinforce it with a slim piece of tape.
krysjez5 years ago
How would I go about keeping coins in this?
Keep coins in your pocket, not your wallet.
CaseBoy5 years ago
i love things you can make out of paper because it is so easy to customize! all you need to do is find some sort of design, print it out, and then just follow the instructable!!! it is that easy!
catfish235 years ago
 Wonderful! Just made three in a row, one with the cross-cut flaps, one with the diamond, and one with the curve. The curve looks best and probably doesn't tear, but as for overall functionality, they are all good.
I just made one of these wallets. Definitely impressed with the results. Thanks! I'll never have to buy another wallet!
cipher225 years ago
 just made one...pleasantly suprised on how good it came out...usually things suck when i make them.....but i found a new replacement to my wallet...thank you
I JUST made this.. yes, this clarification totally helped. The first one was too confusing...

I did a test one with plain paper and it came out great..now I've got some foreigh newspapers to make them with... this is gonna be awesome!

thanks for posting
why nmot laminate the whole thing in tape? or go some where a laminator its and laminate it? just an idea so when its older you can have it as if it were brand new
not** srry
theRIAA (author)  hannahheartsyou7 years ago
i'm nmot stopping you
=P it would be cool but hard to fold back so it's flat
I did that with a different folding technique a while back :P  A fun and great looking one to make is use a newspaper (comics section haha) and use tape all the way around (clear) and fold away!  charlie brown is on the front of mine :)
darman125 years ago
 I just made one...this is totally awesome! It is very inovative with the "zipper flaps"...it's amazing! I was really exited when it said something about drawing on it! You can put tape on all of the edges to prevent ripping and all the other stuff  that happens to the edges of books and things. 

                    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Really thrifty also!
you know ive always wanted a wallet and a want to make one but i got lost on step 2
theRIAA (author)  Michael Pawlicki5 years ago
fold a piece of paper in quarters one way (so the outer quarters are inside) then fold in 1/2 the other way.
Ms. Thrifty5 years ago
This is fantastic and a lot of fun!!!
Thanks, theRIAA!
This was fun, easy, quick, and FUNCTIONAL to boot!
very nice! i like it better than my twenty dollar wallet!!!!! my old wallet was big and bulky and now i have a slip and nice looking one thanks alot i just have to make sure i dont mistake it for trash and throw all my money away!
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