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Introduction: Paper Wasp Pistol

It is a simple gun which shoots paper projectiles. It can penetrate an A4 paper from 1 meter.
I didn't post instructions because it is fairly simple and you can make your own easily in your own way. It was first a rifle-like weapon and was a simplier design, but than i changed it to a pistol. You can built a rifle version in the beginning for simplicity, in which the trigger(knex rod) is in backside of the gun.
It is fully made of Lego except a few k'nex parts. It could also be built fully with knex but i prefered lego. I have posted some images with different angles to make the mechanism clear.
Warning: Don't use anything other than paper as bullet since the gun's upper side is open, there is a little risk that it can backfire. Also it can be harmful for eyes in close range, don't shoot at people.

Step 1: Paper Bullet

just paper

Step 2: Mechanism

there is a balance between the two sides. When you pull the trigger, the rope gives up and releases the knex rod. And the rubber gets free

Step 3: Mechanism

you can see the details of mechanism

Step 4: And Finally Aiming

the gun is not symmetric, but in the end it doesn't matter

Step 5:

Ok here is the parts in more detail but i won't release any full instructions. There is no need to release instructions for connecting simple duplo bricks. You can build your own if you get the mechanism.


3-Where the cock sits
4-Rubber band holder in the very front

There is not any other complex part in this gun. The other parts are just for holding the gun together.

note: you can build a rifle-like version, by using the lover side of the cock as the trigger. It is much simpler and you can convert it to a pistol is you want. Only the rifle-like version requires two hands to use.



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you said we can build it if we can get the mechanism, but what if we cant get that? Will you post an instructable for that?

plz make a step by step able for this, it's really cool, but i can't build it ; )

I'm gonna make a popsicle stick version of this. It's gonna take me 1 hour plus or minus 30 mins to build it. I'm gonna post pictures of it in 15 hours. I'm gonna publish an instructable in 38 hours. I'm gonna publish test results 2 hours after instructable publication. So 40 hours after this comment post, I would have a fully functioning wasp gun, a detailed instructable about it, and a field report stating its effectiveness in
classroom combat.

The test parameters are as follows:
- size
- range
- stealth
- power
    - shoot A4 paper (more and more layers until wasp-proof)
    - shoot cardboard (shot with metal-point wasps (aka. MPW's))
- ease of construction
- ruggedness
    - shelf life (how long it would last not used)
    - continual use duration (how much it could fire before failing)
    - stress load (how much external force you can apply on it before                failing)
- idiot-proof construction (how noob someone should be before he/she couldn't make one)
- idiot-proof usage (how noob someone should be before he/she couldn't use it at all)

This is getting too long. PM for more information...

can you plaese make a step by step insructable on how to build this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

here is the video. But the gun in the vid is a lil bit modified.

you makea pretty decent crossbow but try bitterberrys a2 crossbow with you rubberband style. Hecka pwnage

haha, good detail you catch. but don't forget people penetrated beer cans with knex rifles in this website :) I cant give up smoking plus i can't miss the chance to die from heart attack or lung cancer at worst case. Life sucks :)

hehe no, i was drunk at that time :)