Introduction: Paper Waterbomb / Balloon

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The Waterbomb Origami is also known as the Paper Balloon and is a traditional origami fold. Many other origami folds use the water bomb as its inspiration and base to make more complex folds. This fold is very special since it is one of the fewer inflatable origami designs.

This is one of my favorite origami from my childhood and was a lot of fun to make and play around with, with my friends, before the internet trumped the art of origami.

With the help of waterbomb, in the future we can we can change the base slightly to even make an inflatable goldfish!

Step 1: Cut A4 Paper

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  1. Cut the A4 paper into a square by folding it diagonally off of one corner, then cutting off the bottom offset.

Step 2: Crease Preparations

Picture of Crease Preparations

  1. Make a valley fold lengthwise.
  2. Make another valley fold widthwise to make a quarter-folded square paper.
  3. Unfold the quarter fold, such that you are left with a half fold with a quarter valley crease.

Step 3: Fold Into a 4 Sections

Picture of Fold Into a 4 Sections
  1. On one corner of the rectangle, push in the corner inwards such that this paper gets folded inwards sandwiched between the two sides of the half fold.
  2. Crease it firmly to make a permanent fold.
  3. Repeat this for all the corners 4 times.

You will be left with a triangular 3-page booklet, at the end.

Step 4: Fold Each Side

Picture of Fold Each Side

  1. Fold the triangular booklet pages inwards on both the left and right pages.
  2. Flip it over, and repeat the step above on the that side of the paper.

Step 5: Shaping the Water Bomb

Picture of Shaping the Water Bomb

  1. Take the right corner of the waterbomb and fold it inward towards the centroid of the origami form.
  2. Repeat this for the left corner of the water bomb such that it is symmetric.

Step 6: Locking the Paper

Picture of Locking the Paper

  1. Take the bottom free-ended triangle and insert them into the smaller triangular sides that was folded in the previous step, for both the left and right sides of the flattened waterbomb..
  2. Flip the water bomb over, and repeat it for that side.

Step 7: Inflating It

Picture of Inflating It

  1. Blow into the small hole at the very top until it inflates fully.

And You're Done!


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