Introduction: Paper Wedding Bouquet Handmade

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These pretty bouquets are easy

Step 1: Materials

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Stamp pad


Masking tape


Stick or dowel

Coffee filter

Glue stick

Step 2: Making the Brides Giant Flower

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Get a total of 12-15 sheets of paper
Line them all up and trace out a petal shape
Cut them out
Cut a small strip on the bottom of each petal
Glue one side of the strip and glue the sides together
Not all the way together
Get a scissor and start curling the petals
Cut out a circle of the cardboard
Glue the petals on the cardboard in a circular rotation making sure the petals are even
Poke a hole in the cardboard and place the stick through
Tape together
If you want to add color use a sponge and stride the petals to add color

Step 3: Making the Bridesmaid Bouquet

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Get coffee filters and poke a hole through them
Place the filters on the stick and bunch them
Tape after each filter
If you want you can place a little bunch inside the giant flower

Step 4: Results

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KyleTheCreator (author)2015-09-14

Now that's creative! You get my vote!

Igioteno (author)KyleTheCreator2015-09-16

Thank you so much!

KyleTheCreator (author)Igioteno2015-09-16

You're so welcome! ;D

Igioteno (author)2015-09-13


pyotryllych (author)2015-09-13

boy, this is crazy cool [=

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