Introduction: Paper Air Plane Madness

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This is a way to turn a paper air plain into a hi speed projectile [

Step 1: Materials

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1) 1 sheet of paper

2) packing tape

3) rubber band

Step 2: Preparation

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A)make a paper air plain (of any type).

B) put tape round the highlighted area in picture 2.

Step 3: Lonching

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put a rubber band around the tape hold the rubber band their withe other hand stretch the rubber band for word wen u are redy to launch let go of the rubber band with ur back hand
this is how is done


ZM Nukeproof (author)2013-05-11

no offence but this and your english are terrible.

beehard44 (author)2009-09-23

Dude, your english! LOL! well it is a plain paper air plane..........hehehe!

inergy (author)2009-04-30

love the spelling lonching "launching" paper air plain "plane" lol nice instructable tho :)

Epeoples (author)2008-12-26


benc555 (author)2008-04-28

Great-P.S. its B.C.

maxzzthepyro (author)2008-04-17

y is it bad

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