This is a way to turn a paper air plain into a hi speed projectile [

Step 1: Materials

1) 1 sheet of paper

2) packing tape

3) rubber band

Step 2: Preparation

A)make a paper air plain (of any type).

B) put tape round the highlighted area in picture 2.

Step 3: Lonching

put a rubber band around the tape hold the rubber band their withe other hand stretch the rubber band for word wen u are redy to launch let go of the rubber band with ur back hand
this is how is done
no offence but this and your english are terrible.
Dude, your english! LOL! well it is a plain paper air plane..........hehehe!
love the spelling lonching "launching" paper air plain "plane" lol nice instructable tho :)
Great-P.S. its B.C.
y is it bad

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