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A decorative apple made from pages of an old book.

I used the pages I had left from my other project "Reused book as a hiding place".

Step 1: Getting the Idea

I got the idea for this when my mother wanted an apple tree for her birthday. I thought it was a bit to much to gift-wrap a whole tree, so I decided to make an apple out of paper. I browsed at little on the web, but could not find any good tutorials for the project, so therefore i made this up myself.

Step 2: Materials

  • Pencil
  • Piece of paper
  • Book pages (regular or coloured paper can be used as well)
  • Stapler
  • Sissor
  • Red felt-tip pen (green, orange or other "apple coloured" pen can be used)
  • Glue (one that is a bit elastic is preferable)

Step 3: Getting Started

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1. Start by drawing an apple on a piece of paper and cut it out.

Step 4:

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2. Outlline the apple on the book pages. Decide the size yourself

Step 5:

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3. Cut a rough outline of the apple on about 5 pages (depends on how "thick" you want your apple to be), and staple the corners. Make sure not to staple inside the outline of the apple.

Do this step two times.

Step 6:

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4. Draw a line in the middle of the apple on the two bundles of paper.

Step 7:

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5. Staple the bottom of the the middle of first apple-outline as seen on the picture, and the top of the middle on the second apple-outline.

Step 8:

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6. Cut out the two apples.

Step 9:

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7. Measure the apples and make a mark in the middle.

Step 10:

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8. Now cut from the bottom to the mark in the apple with the staple in the top.

And in the top to the mark in the apple with the stable in the bottom.

Step 11:

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9. Now fit the two apples together.

Step 12:

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10. Draw with our filt-tip pen on the sides of the paper apple.

If you happen to draw on the "inside" of the apple you can just remove the page from the apple.

Step 13: Adding the Stem

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11. Take a book page and cut it to a fitting size. Then roll it in to a tube and glue it together.

Step 14:

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12. Bend the stem a little to make it look more realistic, and glue the stem on to the top of the apple

Step 15: Done

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13. Spread out the pages and you are done with your paper apple.


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Cool paper craft project.

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