This instructable covers the making of a grungy paper bag Valentine Day's card. It would make a sweet gift for your significant other or friend. It has a spot to tuck a letter into the card, allowing for more customization than just the cutesy sentiments you get with commercial cards.

The design is intended to require minimal materials and produce a minimal amount of waste. For many crafters, it can be done without purchasing any new materials. It will take most people about an hour to complete this card.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

The card is constructed out of these materials:
1  brown paper "lunch" bag
1 8.5" x 11" sheet light-colored coordinating paper
1 3" x 3" coordinating cardstock
1 pony bead of a coordinating color
   --any bead which can fit over your ribbon will work fine
total 24 to 30 inches of thin, coordinating ribbon
   --2 pieces 6" to 8"
   --1 piece 12" to 14"

These tools are required:
glue of some sort -- I used a glue stick, but regular white glue would also be fine.

For the decoration, you can go one of two routes, or combine them:
a crayon of a coordinating color
colored pencil or pen of a coordinating color
ink pad of a coordinating color
a pen of a coordinating color
various stamps
   --I used one flowery type stamp for the outside, a curlique-type stamp for the bottom, and letter stamps for initials.

I created the instructable based on the red and black card, which uses the stamp and ink pad route. The other card pictured, the blue one, used only a crayon and a colored pencil.
It was kind of hard for me to do (but then again my paper bag was really small), but it was very fun for me to do for Valentine's! I'm sure my boyfriend will love this! :D
Hallo<br>I'm make it <br>it is easy <br><br>That on the picture is the governor of Sultan Qaboos of Oman<br><br>I like it<br>Tank you
This is so beautifully done and will go very nicely with my paper bag save the dates I made. I bet it could be turned into an invitation.
Thanks! I'd love to see whatever you dream up!
Really great. Thank you.
Wow this is really great and nicely explained. I'll try to make it for my girlfriend she's gonna love it.<br>Thanx for this 'ible<br>
a thing of beauty indeed :)
This is absolutely adorable. I always have a stack of paper bags around. (Paper bag puppets never go out of style for kids.) I'm definitely making some Valentine's Day cards this way. It shouldn't be too hard to make an envelope out of the brown bags I get from the store. Thanks for this.
An envelope would be very easy, and would make a nice touch. Let me know how it goes!
Quite excellent! I love the chaotic simplicity of this creative gift.
Thank you very much!

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