This cannon is moderately powerful but fun. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HOLD IT. DO NOT POINT AT A PERSON OR ANIMAL. TREAT IT LIKE A REAL GUN. Please, be careful. If you do choose to make one, I take no accountability for anything you may do with it. It is not a toy. If anyone is hurt, that's your fault. This is purely  educational. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I will add pictures soon.

Step 1: Materials

Paper index card
toilet paper
Bamboo skewer
BBQ Lighter

Wow what a way to blow yourself up. We use to do stuff like this to until we overpacked a item and a piece of copper wizzed by our heads. Stuff like this doesn't need to be on instructables. Kids look at this and think its a good idea since in movies and games they get a reset.
I understand your concern, but it has less power than an airsoft gun and the explosive potential of a small firecracker, as well as a VERY STRONG BODY. I have fired one more than ten times in a row without mishap. The only real risk is the gunpowder itself, and if you own some, than you know how dangerous it is and will automatically respect it.
<p>But a firecracker can blow your hand off if you hold it in your hand right? That's probably what he means.</p>
This is really stupid, you are basically making a bomb, if our going to make something like this use a stronger material like steel and *small* powder charges. NO!! smokeless powder, it has a quicker combustion and gas expansion than black powder. If you want to make a bomb use proper safety precautions and don't post it on the internet, unless you want to end up on criminal watch list.<br><br><br>Light things on fire--Stay safe.

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Bio: I like makeup too... but things exploding is cool.
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