Picture of Paper butterflies
This can be the most beautiful way to make paper butterflies.
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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
First of all design your butterfly... if you design only a half, you're done anyway! :P :D

Step 2: Cut bytterflies

Picture of Cut bytterflies
Fold paper and using your model cut butterflies.

Step 3: Color

Picture of Color
Color the gaps black and add dots using a correction fluid.

Step 4: Done!

cutiecake2 months ago
Oh my goodness!! I'm really into butterflies so this is perfect ! Thank you soooo much for sharing I am making a bunch right now!! :)
sunshiine11 months ago

They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!


I;m so glad you liked them! :D :D :D Thank you!!!

zeyanimisbah11 months ago

cute idea :)

Thank you! :D :D :D Glad you liked them!

edrisamiry11 months ago
coooool I love it!

Thank you very much! :D

jmdushi11 months ago
I think I will use felt instead of paper so I can use them as an application, they are so nice.

Thank you! I used paper to enter the paper-craft contest, but your idea is sooooo coool! :D Thank you for posting it! :D