Picture of Paper clip Hearts
A neat tiny valentine that can be given and used all year long. These paper clip hearts are as easy as pie (mmm, pie) to make, so add a little flair to your paperwork! (=

Step 1: Forming

Picture of Forming
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13, 2:02 PM.jpg
13, 2:02 PM.jpg
Any size paperclip will do, when it gets fun is when you start making them in colors! The overall process is very simple, yet hard to describe in writing, so try looking at these photos (If anyone can't figure it out just send me a message and I'll do my best to add a walkthrough.)

Have you thought about re-boxing and reselling them? Seriously, they're that awesome. :D

trans4mation (author)  Chikpeas Brother1 year ago

I dont know about that, but thank you! I could sell them, but I would find it hard to make time to stop and do so. I would rather show neat people like you how to do it DIY style. :]

Happy valentines day!
Looks great, made some of my own but I need to find some colourful paperclips ☺