This is an instructable on making paper-clip and bead thing...for a stay-put yarn marker...safety pin...(minimalist jewelry?)...

Step 1: Things You'll Need


Paper clip

Needle nose pliers(optional)

Step 2: Setting in the Bead

Open up paper clip and thread the bead on to the "single' end of the clip.

Step 3: Securing the Bead

Wrap the paper clip aorund the bead

Step 4:

When wrapping the bead make sure it oriented with the hole parallel to the long part of the paper clip..push in the ends and your done.

Step 5: If You Wanna

You can thread the short end of paper clip through again or leave it to form a link to add more for a chain.

<p>Thank you for the informative Instructructable.</p><p>I love it</p><p>Rima</p><p>Check out my Beaded markers</p><p>and do Please vote for my Pumpkin</p>
<p>Thank you and I have :)</p>
<p>Cute little pieces, definitely a piece you could do a lot with!</p>
<p>Thank you ..I made them because my yarn markers kept on being pulled out and lost.</p>

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